I Think This Lady Called Me Just To Talk Sh!t

This was the second time I was interviewed by this lady. The first time was for an internship, which went badly, this time it was for a position.  I love what the clinic does and I would really like to get in there... but this lady... OMG...

1st issue... I waited an hour and a half!!! I was about to walk out the door.  But, I stayed (desperate  for employment)... should have left

So... She finally finds the time to speak with me. I sit down with her and she doesn't even ask me any questions... she proceeded to talk crap.  
Basically, How I am not good enough for the position because I lack experience.
She gave about 8 different reasons and then said...  "I'm just saying your NOT, your not, your not."
"AAHA's standards are here *points to the floor* and our standards are here *stands up and reaches above her head*"

I smiled the whole way threw.... tho, I know my smile shriveled to a smirk... so aggravated. Thinking to myself "WTF did you NOT even look at my resume?! OF COURSE I lack experience... I JUST graduated!"

But, in the end she did ask a few questions. I suppose she saw something in me. When I explained my experience at my last position, how it was a horrible (health hazards, Lack of care) and how tried to fix things, but in the end I had to get out of there. She said "I understand, how it is to try to change things but it is impossible... I understand that you can only do so much."

I guess I am job shadowing tomorrow... IDK how it will go, I don't have any hopes on getting the position, or any other...  I figure, it would be a good experience either way. The last time she sent me out the door, so I'm not really sure how to take it. I'm expecting the worst, sorta don't even want to go. Could spend my time putting in applications else where. 

(I need a photo for this one.. IDK WTF to put)
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Never be desperate. Employers sense it, and will treat you accordingly. <br />
This is the truth: <br />
The way you are treated on an interview is often indicative of the corporate culture. Unless it's not part of a long term career move, realize from the start that this is probably not a good sign, and if you do proceed do so with grave caution. <br />
<br />
Empathy here:<br />
I had early interviews such as this (when I was just out of college). When I was much younger. Many of those jobs really turned out to be garbage. <br />
<br />
Advice: <br />
Gather your dignity, don't carry this experience with you, and move on to bigger and better. <br />
<br />
Hiring Manager:<br />
Clearly, this woman is a miserable, incompetant, lazy cow. She didn't even read your resume, or either she was trying to destroy your confidence in order to low-ball you. Sounds mean, but some hiring mgrs. do it so you will simply take whatever crumbs you're offered by her. Tell her to copulate herself and move on to a company that is worthy of your energy, potential and will be a part of your great path.

that was all very unprofessional of her. <br />
was a an HR person or what?<br />
but, if you have a 3rd interview, which is basically what you have, i think you have a real shot at this job if you want it.<br />
it is likely that you are not the only candidate she has pissed off.<br />
but you keep going back.<br />
let her talk all the **** she wants.<br />
you know what your skills are and what you are capable of doing for that clinic.<br />
get at it and when ya get the job, you will have the chance to make her eat her snide words.

I just wanna prove her wrong at this point :D, Hell, In the end I'll come back 10 years latter and talk crap. She is the owner

well being the owner does not make her a qualified HR person who is trained to pick the best people for a job.
but i tink you do get it if ya want it.

for some reason the EP will not let me like your comment? But you are right, she is no where near qualified (who knows how many good candidates she has disproved of)