My First Job Interview And The Most Embarrassing Moment Ever!


September 14, 2012

My parents shamelessly asked for the vice-governor of province of La Union to give me a recommendation letter to a private hospital in the one of the cities there. It was the vice-governor’s first time to recommend someone in that hospital and he was so sure that he will not be forsaken. The vice-governor was an oil and gas business partner of my parents. They were barefaced to ask a great favor for me and I owe them for that.

My boyfriend and I would really love to get in the XY hospital because it is a Level IV hospital and we believed that the institution could help us in our professional growth. That’s why we did everything possible to use our connections to get in there. Because here in the Philippines, when you are applying for a job, “it’s not what you know, but it’s who you know” mentality. You can’t get a job if you don’t know a politician to endorse you or someone with a high position in the company you are applying to. Almost everything in this country is governed by the people with a great deal of power. You are lucky if you have connections with this kind of people. If not, well, you can’t get the job you want for.

September 17, 2012

I and my boyfriend went to the XY private hospital 2 hours after lunch. We passed all the documents needed together with the endorsement letters in front of the folders. The HR department instructed us to fill up the document they will send us tonight and then send it back to them. We are also told go back the next day at 9am for the exam. We were both so excited. We both thought the people in the HR department were friendly and nice. They talked to us with special treatments. Not to mention, these people in the HR department referred to us “with backer.” Meaning, we were applying with someone who supports us. Well, we didn’t mind it because we really had a backer. So, no offense, we could still bear being called “with backer.” I knew from that start that the HR department had a first bad impression on us. I knew that they felt that their privilege as the HR was overweighed by the power of the vice-governor’s recommendation letter to the three highest people of the XY hospital.

September 18, 2012

We went back to XY hospital and took the exam. Each of us were asked to write an autobiography, to tell something about us such as experiences, strengths and weaknesses, and our plans 5 years from now. The next part was the IQ exam and then finally, the last thing was the psychological exam. After that, the proctor told us to ask the HR department the next thing to do. But she never tells us if we were ever going to know the results or not, when or never. So we went down to the ground floor where the HR department is. We were instructed to go back the next morning at 11am for an interview with formal attire.

I had no formal suit to wear and besides, I was not used of this interview-specific-attire. The fact we were scheduled for an interview the next morning. I had no much time to look for a formal suit, I ran out of time. I had no choice but to wear my red dress and put on the cotton blazer and black stockings and wear and black shoes with heels. I didn’t know and I had no idea if was formal for that event. But it was 50/50 because my cousin affirmed that the dress was formal.

September 19, 2012

I was so unsure of my attire. I wasn’t ready enough and I hadn’t anticipated what questions will be asked. My bad, I know! But my boyfriend was memorizing the mission and vision of the XY hospital, so I did the same thing. We were both so excited, twice than we were yesterday and we were expecting to get the job because we had “backer.” We were the only two applicants being interviewed for the day.

We were there 15 mins before 11am, but the director of HR department just arrived at exactly 11am in my wrist watch. We greeted her “good morning” but she was blunt affect. She never smiled or whatnot. We patiently waited for an hour; we had to because we really want the job. At exactly 12 noon, one of the people in the HR department told us to have our lunch first and come back at 1pm instead. So, we had our lunch and quickly went back to the HR department. At 1:30pm, I was the first one called for an interview with the director of HR department. Lady’s first.

I entered the room and greeted the director a “good afternoon,” then I seated in front of her. I knew that she wasn’t ready either, that she never read my documents and my resume because while she was talking she was looking at my resume and flipping the documents. She asked me questions like, “from what school did you graduated,” “how am I related with the (surname) of XY hospital,” “when did you took the licensure exam,” “your experiences.”

So I said, I graduated from LC in March 2011 and took the licensure exam in July 2011. The late Dra. (name) was a first cousin of my grandfather. I never worked so basically, I had no experience.

Then she asked me, “Why didn’t you work?” I replied, “I had other…” Before I finished my sentence, she asked again, “So why are you applying now?” Then she continued, “Can you please elaborate your answer and do not wait for me to ask the succeeding questions?”

At the back of my mind, I am nervous, but I can answer all your questions and can elaborate just let me finish what I am about to say. And please be nice and not sarcastic because I’m getting to mild anxiety. Jeez!

I was about to explain that I never worked because I had other options like I planned to take the nclex and ielts exam or to go get a master’s degree or to get another degree in college or to go for volunteerism. I was about to say that I had a lot of options. I was about to say that I tried to apply on my own in DOH’s program which was the RNheals but they never called. I waited for other opportunities to be opened for new nurses like me and while waiting I underwent trainings and seminars. I was about to tell her everything and explain myself when suddenly the phone rang. She took it had a conversation with someone I didn’t know over the phone and I can overheard her. Then I lost interest explaining myself because she began being sarcastic. She was telling over the phone that she is interviewing an applicant with a backer and that surely I can digest whatever she will gonna tell me.

Then after she talked over the phone, I still managed to smile at her and I told her straight to the point which I shouldn’t have told her, “I’m applying as an immigrant in Canada and I needed to have my work experience. So I can bring my family in there because that’s what they want me to.” I knew I shouldn’t have told her about my other interest of applying in the hospital, but I felt bad that’s why I had told her about it.

She even asked how I am related with the other applicant. I said, “we’re friends,” then he asked again with a sarcastic tone of voice and a sarcastic smile, “boyfriend?” I replied, “Yes, ma’am! He’s my boyfriend.” Then she finally told me that the hiring is already close and it will re-open again in February to March. WTF! Then I thanked her for the time and stood up and started walking out of the door. When I was about to grab the door knob, she told me, “and next time do not wear a mini skirt on an interview, it’s not formal.” When I went out and the door was half-closed, I heard them laughing. I felt embarrassed. But I knew that it was my fault that I failed. It was my very first interview for the first year of job hunting and I tripped and I’ve had to pay for the price.

Then my boyfriend was next in line. He was interviewed in no less than 5 mins. He came out from the room just after 2 mins upon entering. The director of HR just told him, “So you are the boyfriend of Ms. (my surname)?” “I will no longer read your resume and I hope you won’t be dismayed.” She told him the same thing that there is no vacancy.

How come they called us for an interview just to tell us that there is no vacancy? Because we lack experience? That’s why we’re applying to their hospital as our starting point for our future career and besides, we’re willing to undergo trainings necessary for the development of our skills. And how come they call themselves professional when they’re sarcastic and being rude. Although I knew it was my fault and my bad that I was wearing the wrong attire.

Maybe I was right. That the HR department didn’t want us because we had a recommendation from the vice-governor and that was their first time to receive an applicant with a vice-gov as a backer. They felt that their privilege to hire or reject an applicant was overweighed by the vice-governor.

***I want to tell them that they’re welcome and they owe me something. I made them laugh at least. And thanks for being sarcastic and rude. They’re very much professional.

***My classmates believed that I was a smart nursing student in college. I'm a Registered Nurse and Licensed IVT nurse, trained first aider and cpr provider. But I'm dumb, useless, thoughtless, careless that's why I tripped and failed. What else? I lack work experience.

I am so ashamed of myself and I am so embarrassed. I feel like not going back in there for the second time. I didn't make it to get the job I want even if I had a backer. WTF is wrong with this world? WTF is wrong with me? I hate myself for not getting the job. I hate how I made myself embarrassed in front of those unmannerly people of that HRD.
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