April 2010

For my polycystic ovaries. I'd been trying to conceive with my husband for over a year, and investigations uncovered I had PCOS. What a nightmare. I haven't been able to talk to a therapist about it yet becuse there aren't any near me. Anyway, after a trans-vaginal ultrasound they lined me up for surgery under general anaesthetic. They were going to flood my tubes with a blue dye to make sure nothing was blocked, and all was fine. While in there though, the surgeon found a 4 inch cyst on my left ovary (about the size of an orange) and it was drained.

I'll never forget waking up from that surgery, I had so much pain I was in tears and hyperventilating. The nurse in recovery with me kept clicking away at whatever pain med they had me connected to (morphine? I never did find out). It was a day surgery, though I was the last to go in, and the last to leave. The ward was closed by the time I woke up, but it was after coming out of recovery that the nurses insisted I stay there and rest for a few hours. If the pain had've been too bad I would have been kept overnight, but I was discharged with some pain medication to take with me. I had to be taken out of the hospital in a wheelchair though, the short walk across the hall to the bathroom left me shaking, pale and faint. I threw up for the first time in over a decade.

I was laid up in bed for days afterwards, could hardly move. Everytime I had to use the bathroom it seemed like a pilgrimage, so slow and long. Now all that's left is a scar, and stretchmarks around it. Hopefully I never have to have it done again, but we'll see.
Orckiss Orckiss
26-30, F
Sep 18, 2011