My Laparoscopy Experience

Before my laparoscopy I was reading other people's experiences and decided that when I get mine done, I want to share my story. I'm a 19 year old female who was having tremendous amounts of pain during sex, so I went to see an OBGYN. We decided to do a 'Diagnostic Laparoscopy', that I just had done today. 10/23/2013
Here is my experience:
I arrived at the hospital at 9am with my boyfriend. After checking in and waiting for 20 minutes they took me into my room and asked me a series of questions. They then had me get into my gown and wipe myself with cleansing wips from head to toe. I then layed in my bed and the nurse put the IV in my hand (which hurt REALLY bad because shee thought she was close to a nerve) and gave me some solution through it. My boyfriend was able to come in and wait with me till further instructions. The nurse gave me a seditive and told me it would work within a few minutes. After those few minutes I began laughing hysterically LOL. My boyfriend had to leave while they took me to the operating room and from here on out everything is kind of fuzzy. I remember them putting the anesthesia into my IV and I screamed bloody murder! The pain was in my entire arm and it was excruciating and they actually had to hold me down untill I fell asleep. Waking up I had no pain, I was just really tired and groggy. About 10 minutes after laying there talking with the nurses the right side of my torso and my shoulder started to become pretty painful. They gave me Fentanyl and it helped slightly. 10 minutes after that the pain came back to the point where I was crying and breathing very heavily. They procceded to give me 1 more dose of fentanyl and after I was still crying, a shot of morphine, still in horrible pain, the shot of dilaudid finally did the trick. They also gave me two 5mg Percocet after eating a muffin and drinking some water. I had absolutely no problem with nausea, I just had a bad sore throat (which I came to figure out later that they accidentlly scratched my throat while putting my breathing tube.) They sent me home with percocet and ibproufen at around 1:45pm after telling me the results of my diagnostic laparoscopy which were 6 cysts total. Some on my ovary and some on my fallopian tubes. Its now 3:10am and I've been taking my pain medication as directed and haven't been in much pain. I can walk up and down stairs with easy, I'm just a little slower then most. I'd say what really hurts right now is my throat and my right abdomen due to the carbon dioxide. I'm nervous that I'm going to be inn a lot of pain tomorrow when I wake up, but we'll see! I hope this helped someone and feel free to ask me any questions at all! Thanks for reading :)
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