Smooth Girls

Smooth Girls
I've been going smooth for a few years now, since I was 14. I kind of was got turned on to it from a couple other girls who were talking about going smooth at sleepovers or who wanted to try it. Before that I'd always been well trimmed but left myself with a bit fuzz or nest around my mound. Especially in summer when it's all bikinis, shorts and other summer wear.

I'd heard about waxing from older women or other girls, but that sounded like it'd really hurt so I was too scared to try it and couldn't ask my Mom cause she'd probably have freaked out or something. I'd seen girls who were smooth before a few times, it really got me turned on and looked so sexy.

Well, long story short, I asked one of my friends if she could help me out and teach me how to go smooth and tell what it was like. I'd kind of had a girl crush on her (we were almost 15) and she said yes. She invited me over to her house one weekend for a sleepover when her parents were gone and they wanted her to have company. From what she told me I couldn't wait...and hoped maybe we might connect or have some fun together over the weekend if it worked out.

I got dropped off at her place that Fri night with all my stuff, it was so great having the house totally to ourselves for the weekend. I had all my favorite things with me, shower gel, body lotions, some massage oil I got and stuff. We spent some time playing video games, chatting online with friends and just being silly. After we had supper she told me to go up to her room and get ready. I went upstairs and got undressed fast, wrapped up in a towel and waited for her to call me. I could hear her in the bathroom running a few minutes she called me to join her.

I went in to the master bathroom and she was already naked in the Jacuzzi. I dropped the towel and went over to join her, we lay in the water together for a while and relaxed, taking turns massaging each other and splashing water. I couldn't take my eyes off her and was totally turned on already.

She told me to get out of the Jacuzzi and get ready...she told me to just close my eyes, relax and open my legs for her. She got a trimmer out of the closet and started to remove my hair slowly, especially when she was going around my more sensitive areas. She then lathered me up and got a fresh razor and began to shave my mound very slowly. It was one of the most erotic feelings I'd ever had to that point. I was totally turned on, moaning softly and breathing deeply, trying not to squirm or jump.

Once she was finished, she got a washcloth and cleaned me off with warm water then took some aloe and rubbed it all over my bare mound, working it into my skin. I began to giggle and squirm like mad and felt my ***** start to spasm. It wasn't long before I had an ****** as she watched me.

She finished cleaning up and helped me, and then we jumped back into the Jacuzzi together. She leaned in, began kissing me all over and the rest of the night we had some yummy sex as we explored our bodies and desires. Still gives me tingles remembering that night.
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That was hot :)

Here's hoping that you two had many more hot, fun weekends!

Made me sopping wet!

I can only wish I learned the way you did ..... after all Its always better if somebody else does it for you or for that matter ... to you also.

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That was hot! :)