When We Are Together

it is amazing , i can't describe how i am feeling when am with her , i feel she is the same
we escape from our parents houses so we be together for couple of days
when we are together , we sleep by each other sides , we rub each others backs and we give each other full body
massage with a very delighted smell oil , we dance for each other more over we have our long talks
it is indescribable, and what really hurts the most is that when we get back each to her home we feel strangers there
because living with each other is the most we want , we find each other safety, comfort and care when we are together ..
i just love her and i would never feel the same if it wasnt her ... i love you my diamond <3
Unexposedcheater Unexposedcheater
2 Responses May 25, 2012

i hope you guys ge tto be together
u sound wonderful
incredible! u have found ur diamond! look after her as i know u will!
theres always that one person who makes u feel so safe, warm, lucky!
who can make u smile no matter what, can challenge u, can dance and sing and o anything at all wiht u, so long as ur together. ur bestfriend, ur hero, ur trust.
i hope u and ur diamond overcome it and get to stat wiht each other