Bi-curious.. I Think..

Okay my story is... (true story but changed names)
Me and my friend Megan have been friends for ages, and have sleepovers like every weekend! Over the past year I have touched myself every night, even when Megan slept but she would always be asleep, and I sometimes got really horny so I'd rest my hand on her thigh or tummy, nothing else.. and lately I've found that she has been doing similar, for the past few months when having sleepovers I've been pretending to go to sleep when i havent been asleep.. and this is whats been happening... Megan would check to see if i was awake by waiting a few mins to see if i moved, and if i didn't she woukd proceed.. she would start to touch herself but the bed would be shaking wildly after a few mins, as if she was really really excited, and then her hand would come across and feel my leg up, and she would then literally wrap herself round my leg and start humping it, and that was it she would go back to sleep, then recently things have gone further.. she would do that then her hand would go slowly up my body being careful not to wake me up, and put her hand on my boob, giving it a little squeeze every now and then whilst still shaking the bed.. and now even more recently she's been taking my hand and placing it on her own boob then squeezing my hand so my hand would squeeze her boob, and then she'd start rubbing my fanny, she wouldnt put her hand down my pj's but she'd use fingers to rub in between my legs etc.. and I love it! only problen is she's stopped speaking to me much, so not as many sleepovers :(
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How incredibly beautiful thank-you for sharing xxx

why has she stooped speaking to u

I wouldn't have been able to fake sleeping!

Arrange another sleepover and go for it. If you don't you'll end up regretting it _ I speak from experience. You only live once!