Naughty Weekend...

So, my parents went away for the weekend and I invited over my three close friends on the Friday evening. We started playing truth or dare and things quickly turned naughty. We did everything you can imagine! On the Saturday when Rosie and Becca left, it was just me and Anna. Just as she heard her dad pull up outside on my drive and beep the horn, she said to me "I had fun last night, and you tasted sooo good! I'll text you" and she left. Anna was a close friend, and had a key to my house for this weekend only. A few hours passed and we'd been texting. Actually, we'd been sexting!!! I asked her if she'd like to sleep over again and she said "yes!! I thought you'd never ask!! I'll just grab some clothes and i'll come round, if that's okay?" she told me she was on her way and I told her I was having a shower and to let her self in. I purposely left the bathroom door open and when she arrived, she dropped her stuff in my room and came into the bathroom. I heard her come in, and turned around to see her taking off her clothes. She tapped on the shower door and I smiled at her. She came in and I pulled her towards me. I looked her in the eye and started kissing her. Then, I took down the shower head and let the water run all over her body before moving it down to her vagina. I told her to spread her legs and let the water run down her thighs. Slowly, I moved the shower head closer to her **** and moved it back and forth. She put her head back and started moaning. We then moved onto the bedroom and rubbed our dripping wet bodies together. She started kissing my neck and then moved all over my body. She stood back up and pushed me backwards onto the bed and spread my legs. She let her fingers wander a little and traced my vagina with her finger tips. She licked and kissed me then pulled away. She ran her fingers over me again and then ran her tongue up and down my vagina. I was literally pulling her head to my **** but she was resisting!! She worked her way up my slit until she found my ****. She sucked my **** and I soon starting pushing my pelvis to her face. It felt sooo good!!!! Then I got on top of her and kissed her. I moved down and circled her nipples and sucked on them. Again, I moved down and gently rubbed her ****. Rubbing harder and harder, up and down and in a circular motion. This drove her crazy!! I licked her a little then inserted a finger inside her until she was begging me to insert another. Now, we both had dripping wet vaginas. We rubbed our ****** together and I groped her boobs. Then I used a ***** on her :)
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Got me wet as hell sounds like u got wet too. Love it.

Wow thats an amazing story! Any more nights like that?

that is such a hot story. i love getting company in the shower

Makes me wish I was one of your friends so I could've joined in all the fun.

So hot! Hope you're still licking Rosie and Becca too! :D

I'm so wet and i need a girl , your story is so amazing .. Can we chat ;)?

Sure :)

Hey lexie can we chat

whats your number maybe we could sext

Message me

Oh my god! That sounds like the best weekend ever!!! She licked up and down your vagina?!???!!! I'm so jealous you are sooo lucky!!

Aww :)

sounds like a night you didn't want to end!

Wow - sounds like a really hot sleepover!!

Yep :) it was

im so wet now !!!


cool story add me.

Wow your story made my ***** dripping wet ;)


yes this sounds good and i would love to share experiences with you but you block me!! can you adjust settings? xxx

I didn't block you?

i cant see your profile and i cant add you!

**** so good even to think its a great time with your gf hhmmmm i think its good to enjoy such action...



Wow thats so hot....mmmm yummy

Thanks :)