Straight But Love Looking At Woman

When I was younger around 13 my cousin was staying with us and one night she woke me up and told me she was going to put on a show for me so I got up, we started drinking and of course smoking anyways she goes in the closet and comes out wearing only a knitted scarf her nipples poking thru it she starts dancing than takes off the scarf and she is naked she has nice tan skin and big **** and dark big hard nipples so tells me to lie down and begins feeling me up, Im young soI have perky **** and hard nipples she is feeling and rubbing and I am getting wet, she than tells me to put my mouth on her nipple well I had never even kissed a boy yet so Im sure it wasnt what she wanted but I licked sucked fingered her and she came.

Ever since than I am turned on by woman especially ones with big nipples that is enough to get me going. She still played with me a little more sometimes we would shower together and she would rub my ***** it felt good and she would lick and suck my nipples and than it would be my turn. I started getting better at it, one night she was sleeping but I could see her nipples were hard so I pulled up her shirt a little more aggressively than I meant to and went to town she liked it because by the time I got down to her panties she was soaking wet.
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Feb 12, 2013