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My First Real Lesbian Experience

It's been a while since I wrote a story on here and I apologize about that. So I thought I'd write this up. As a lot of you know I was raped when I was 14 by my female neighbor.  I had horrible nightmares almost every night about it and other things that she planned on doing to me.

It wasn't until just over a year ago that I accepted what happened to me and for some reason I started enjoying women.  I was very scared of approaching another women or one of my girlfriends at school.  This changed forever one afternoon.

I have these two real good friends that I have known for a long time.  One of them that I will call Amy was once my babysitter when I was little.  I also met her best friend  a while back that I will call Lisa..  I lost track of both of them for a while when they went to college out of state.  :Last summer they came home and I ran into them at the mall.

They invited me back to there apartment and we caught up on old times.  Talking about how awesome college is and then the subject changed to boys in college.  They were talking about all of the wild parties and the great sex they were having.  Amy then said that she bet that I was beating off boys with a stick cause I was getting so much attention from them.  Then I started crying.

They were very comforting to me asking me what was wrong, and I just started talking.  I told them everything that had happened to me over the last few years.  The rape by my female neighbor, the nightmares, the shame of being a rape victim.  

They both started crying with me.  Amy was rubbing my shoulder while Lisa was softly rubbing my legs.  Then I told them about my thoughts that I might be a lesbian or bi-sexual.  I told them I was very confused.  Then Lisa told me that I should maybe experience lesbian sex and see if I enjoy it.  I said but with who???  I told them about me becoming real shy over the last few years.  Lisa then said that both her and Amy are bi-sexual but they love having sex more with women than with men.

Lisa then asked me point blank if I was interested in having sex with them.  They would show me everything and if at the end I loved it, they would let me explore with them even more.  If I didn't like it, they would stop and never ask me about it again.  Something came over me and I wanted to experience what they wanted to teach me.  So I agreed.

They both very slowly took off my t-shirt, bra, shorts and panties.  Amy then admitted to me that she had dreamed of what I look like in the nude, that she always loved my natural red hair and soft creamy skin.  They softly laid me down on the bed.  Amy started kissing me while Lisa sucked on my nipples.I was in heaven.  This session lasted several hours.  They let me try all kinds of positions, how to lick ***** and *******, they even used some sex toys on me.  The most incredible part was when they put the strap on on me and I was showed how to **** Amy with it.

It was late evening by the time we were finished and all three of us were exhausted.  Lisa asked me if I enjoyed it and I said yes.  We then took a long shower enjoying each other some more before going to bed all together on the same bed nude with me in the middle of them.

We had more sex the entire weekend and we're talking about them taking me to there college sometime soon and be introduced to there girlfriends.
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Bravo bravo. I would kill to be a fly on the wall in that apartment. Can a fly **********, I sure hope so.

Awesome story. Sorry to hear about ur history with rape but I'm glad you haven't let it hold you back from enjoying sex

omg wow! that sounded like it really helped you and was freaking amazing too! proud of you girl. that was really brave of you. add me. I get ya

I can't add you. Your profile is restricted.

oh sorry. well that was an epic story!