Went From Sleeping Too Licking

Okay I've never told ANYONE this story when I was about 12 I had a best friend jess (not her real name changing it for her privacy) we did everything together, we slept over each others houses all the time,we both were even dating twin brothers I remember anything we did we were attached at the hip. We had sleep overs a lot she more slept over my house because my parents are very religious and didn't really approve of her mom being a lesbian. one night she was sleeping over my house and my parents had gone to bed and we were watching a movie on TV. A commercial came on for girls gone wild Jess looked at me and dared me to flash her like the girls were flashing the camera, I wasn't going to at first but then I did and for a 12yr old I had pretty big nockers at the time and Jess was just staring at them till I slowly put my shirt down, I could feel a pulse in between my legs the minute I saw her looking at my **** like that . After that we kinda just got into daring each other to do little things nothing too sexual ...we went to bed about an hour later and we we'er both laying in my bed with just a T-shirt an underwear on. Jess started to rub my leg,she asked me if I want to try some stuff out,stuff she has seen her mom and her gf do,i said sure . Next thing I new I was on top of her thrusting my tongue in her mouth and she was taking of my tshirt. About 5 minutes later we were completely naked and I remember her boobs tasting so good as I swirled her nipples around with my tongue and grabbed her other with my hand she kept telling me to "suck hard" that her mom "loves when her gf sucks hard she's seen her go crazy for it" so I did . Then she told me to go down and lick down there so i spread her legs as far apart as I could and started licking her *****,she was soaking wet I had it all over my mouth and I looked at her and she was rolling her eyes back and clenching my pillows. So I kept eating her out hard and started fingering her just with one finger because she was so tight and eating her at the same time ,then I crawled up too her and we started making out again she was kissing and licking the corners of my mouth licking off her own arousal,the was sucking and grabbing my **** she told me to lay on my side and she lay flat sucking on my nipples she said she "likes it like this it's like you're breast feeding me " . after a holding her head up to my nipples for awhile "pretended breastfeeding her " i sat my ***** on her face and she went crazy eating me out and fingering me stoping to reach up to grab my nipples and pinch them pull them ,I remember having that feeling like you really have to pee and i thought i was going too but i just didn't want her to stop . Then we 69 and she was rubbing my **** with her thumb and licking and whispering to me to "*** baby" that did me over and I came so hard it dripped down her boobs it was my first ******* ever it was like an explosion went off in my whole body then paralyzed me for a moment . I sat up out of breath and looked over she was still playing with herself so I went down on her again shoved two fingers up her wet **** and just kept slamming then licking. I sat up and we started dry humping each other she was nibbling on my ear and moaning then I had her straddle me so her **** were in my face and I was sucking on her nipples really hard she grabbed two of my fingers and put them in her mouth sucked and made them all wet then placed them on her soft **** i started rubbing in circles and grabbing her *** with my other hand I could feel her whole body shaking i started rubbing her socked **** even harder and she bit my shoulder as she came so she wouldn't yell and I remember *** all over my thighs after we turned around and fell asleep cuddling naked my leg in between hers ... We never really talked about what happen that night it was the only time we full on played with each others whole body. a few other times when I was at her house we took a shower together and she would get on her knees and devour my ***** while I was standing ,or we would peek out her room and see her moms gf eating her mom out on the couch or fkn her with a strap on and we would finger each other after watching ...but then she moved away about 4months later and we never spoke again but that's the only girl on girl I've ever had too this day and I still think about it and want to experience it at least once as an adult
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Please go read my story I need help

omg that is so hot! I can't believe you didn't do that more, hope you get to do it again soon! :)

Mmm that sounds amazing wish I could help you out now ;)

Yeahh Wish you could too ;)

I wish I could help, but I'm a guy sorry lol.