When I was in school secondary we was 16 we one of my best friends was sleeping at mine and one day we was both Abit curious about girls and she has cute little **** what as a 32B I just wanted to touch them and suck her nipples so when she had said she was getting changed into her pjs I left the room but soon as I thought why have I left the room I burst back in and all she has on was this black lace bra and and black frenchies I felt myself get wet so I shut the door behind me and went over to her and put my arms around her waist and my hands on her arse and we was just looking at each other then I griped her arse and then started kissing down her neck and took her bra off and sucked them little nipples and as she was moaning a moved her to my bed and then slowly slid my hand down her frenchies and her ***** was so smooth and wet I stuck my finger in her ***** then she started to undress me and then she ended up licking me out and then we switched to 69 and we was both licking each other out and fingering each other and all night we just kept playing with each other and I have still got that bra she had on that night x
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Love those little b cups.

So do I just a prefect little **** x

yes, i think tiny perky **** on a young girl are so sexy...

Great story.

It was a great night wish I had more of them x

Don't we all...