Confused Over The Experience

I fell asleep next to my boyfriend at about 4am. We had been doing stuff together,and my heart felt like it was racing. I remember before I feel asleep, I remember thinking if I die, it will be okay bc I have always wanted to be part of the universe, and I always have wanted to experience the alleged "euphoric experience" of life after death. Please keep in mind that I love my life, and I do not wish to die or have had any type of suicidal thoughts. I was simply thinking to myseld if I die, it was my time and it is okay. yada yada.
My dream started with my boyfriend and I traveling up north to go to a cabin we rented. We both love the woods so that part wasnt strange. When we arrive, we are pulling up and were walking this long pathway in to the cabin. I remember telling him to look up past the bluffs and check out how big the moon was. As we are approaching the house, he tells me to look at the eagle sitting on the roof above the front door. As we are looking at it, the eagle comes flying at us. We then see there is a wolf sitting next to the porch stairs, as well as a racoon. I remember they are both running at us and I am scared. I trip over the racoon and then I wake up.
Once I fell back asleep, we were now inside the cabin. Another family (I have no idea who) were staying there as well. They were very eccentric and had different animals with them. A weird frog suddenly latched on to my arm and I was unable to get it off. My boyfriend was trying to help but we simply couldnt. It also was spraying out liquid that I knew was going to make my arm itch. The girl who owned the frog said she would help get it off if she could kiss my boyfriend. I agreed bc she was unattractive and I knew he wasnt interested in her. She kept kissing him after she got it off. (with a condom) very random. I remember I was getting very annoyed and angry when I woke up.
When I fell back asleep we were still at the cabin. My bfs aunt had given us tickets to this festivle. We arrive in town and suddenly I am alone but I am okay with that. I forgot all about my bf at this point. I was walking threw the crowd towards this stage. As I am walking behind the stage, (rotunda area outside the front of a mall) this security guard is making cat calls but I just ignored him. I notice this middle aged man staring at me for quite some time. As I was walking closer to the mall, the man staring starts running towards me and is trying to take my shorts off. He was going to try and rape me. I remember trying to keep my shorts up and I kept saying, "what are you doing"? The security guard sees and runs up right away along with many other guards and people. They drag him into the mall and suddenly a riot breaks out. Everyone is fist fighting eachtoher and its a bloody mess. I tell this girl who appears to be my age to come with me saying, "lets get outta here". We are walking away from the scene towards a beautiful sun RISE. She tells me that she is 19 and has two kids. One is three and the other is 6 months old. She then tells me that she isnt trailer trash and a girl walks by calling her a ****. I assured her that there was no judgement. She asks me if I want to go to a party with her at a hotel near by. I agree and suddenly it is night again?
When we get to the hotel, I am talking with a bunch of people when suddenly a pretty big girl comes yelling at me calling me names because I was simply speaking to her boyfriend. I remember we are arguing back and forth. When finally I am walking through the hall to go outside when all her girl friends are yelling at me. I book it out the door and my flip flop came off. As I was trying to put it back on, a girl comes out with a bucket of water and dumps it on me. The owner of the hotel comes out and screams at her, "I am going to kick your ***"! and starts chasing the girl. I woke up once again.
Fell back asleep again. This time I am back at the cabin with my boyfriend. There is a party. I remember it was night and it was very windy out. Majority of the people were all outside, scattered around everywhere. There was so much land. We were on the hill close to the cabin where there werent any trees. About 60 ft away, down the hill were these GIANT trees. Bigger than anything I have ever seen. This girl was shining her extremely bright flash light on this huge tree that appeared to be a pine tree. It was so windy that the tree kept knocking into this other huge tree that looked similar to an elm. It was causing the elm tree to bend sideways. Her flash light is following the pine tree sway back and forth when suddenly the impact made both trees collapse. Everyone was screaming when suddenly you hear someone yell, "shes still alive"!!! That set me and the people around into a panic knowing a tree fell on top of someone. You can see everyone dialing 911. Then suddenly theres this terrible feeling and everyone is quiet and you know that she is dead. That is when I woke up again.
The last time I fell asleep, I was getting into my car from the cabin. am driving up to this bluff (cliff) where my sister is parked. She is parked on the edge of this cliff on the drop off. I am braking and I can feel im inching over the edge. I look out the side window at my sister. She is looking at me terrified. I just gave her a blank stare. Knowing that I was about to die. I wasnt afraid of that, I was more worried for my sister and what she was about to witness. As my car is going over I look at the windshield and see myself going down. Its slow motion. I remember it was very dark and trees were everywhere. I suddenly was very scared and didnt want to die. I also thought to myself that was funny since before I fell asleep (i mustve somehow knwn it was a dream) I was thinking to myself that I was ready to die. Then I started making impact with the tree. Everything went black and I woke up in a panic state.

I did not fall back asleep after this. I find it so strange that I was able to pick up where I left off in a dream over and over again.
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From a fellow vivid dreamer- I must say that is one detailed, interesting dream!
Have you ever had anyone give you any insight in to what it all means? Thanks for sharing! Enjoyed reading about it!

No, but I have been having more and more lucid/vivid dreams lately. It's been really remarkable.

Such a vivid dream sequence! I've had dreams with "sequels" before and dreams "within" dreams, where I wake up from one dream to the "reality" of another dream. And they were about as random as the ones you were describing, but they occurred when I was a teenager, so I really can't recall much about them. Did you write this shortly after you woke up, or did it stick with you?

incredible dream i have to say. having such a vivid dream can be truely invigorating. if only you could have achieved awareness along the start of the dream you could attained a high clarity lucid dream which is an unforgetable experience. i had one last night that gaveme the most amazing feeling to wake up to. keep trying and you can get very far especially seeing as how you awake and go right back to it.

Thank you for your feed back! It was very strange. I still remember everything so vividly, too!

Do you remember all your dreams so vividly?

No. It was very bizarre

Wow! And I thought I have strange dreams sometimes.<br />
<br />
The comment about the condom made me really laugh, it was so random in the middle of this very deep and confusing but enthralling story...<br />
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I think it is a bit unusual to be able to pick up from where you left off so many times. Have done it like once but if I wake up again I either repeat the dream, or am in a totally different one. Very rarely recall anywhere near as much details as you did, I think that's probably more unusual than the picking up from where you left off.<br />
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Thanks for sharing.