I've Only Had It Happen To Me Twice

The first time I had a lucid dream, I was still living with my parents. In my real life bedroom the ceiling fan made a loud lulling noise and a clicking as it rocked back and forth from the force of the blades.

In my dream, I was standing in the middle of my living room and as dreams are, it wasn't really my living room. I suddenly realized in my dream, that this had to be a dream because the ceiling fan above me was completely silent. And the moment I realized that I decided I wanted to explore my dream home. At first I just looked around and observed my surroundings. The room was a very spacious sunken in living room, tan carpeted floors, with rocks layered up to the ceiling( kind of like the ones you see around fireplaces) and there were rock steps that slowly led up to the next floor. But before i could explore any further, the doorbell rang. I walked over and answered the door and the people at the door started talking to me and Woosh! I was sucked back into a normal dream, my lucidity was lost.

I know without a doubt that I was lucid dreaming for a little while, but I don't really know how I did it. At the time of that dream, I knew very little about lucid dreaming, but I wanted to have one really bad. The really interesting thing about lucid dreams are that when you wake up, that part of the dream where you were lucid, you remember completely and in detail...it doesn't slip away from your memory like a normal dream does if you don't focus on remembering it.

I have since tried sleep meditations and sleep hypnosis to try to achieve a lucid dream on purpose, but to no avail. Any tips out there on how to purposefully lucid dream?
MissMyah MissMyah
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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

Yoga nidra - meditational sleep - may be an avenue to try. I see you already have an interest!