Finally: Awareness!

For some time I've wanted to master my dreams. Recalling them after having them shows how silly they can be and obviously not reality. This week, for reasons unknown, I had a dream about two people who have passed away. While "interacting" with one I became aware the person was DEAD! I for the 1st time KNEW I was dreaming - how can a dead person speak to me? I felt so elated I told the other person my epiphany. Only after waking did I realize they were also just a dream. Well I guess you cannot be perfect the first time but now I know it can be done. Dream Awareness while dreaming!
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Look at your hands or try to...During a dream and then think of something go there...but once you stop the relaxing ease of thought you wake back up...

It is weird but I can pronounce mantra in my sleep... I am aware.

Had a latency test ....they asked how long I slept that night...I told them I was awake the entire night....irritated the room was cold etc and was awake all night...they said I slept over 7 hours ? My sleep is

I repeat mantra - Om Namah Shivaya - in dreams but remember it only after waking so it's not lucid dreaming. I have heard of the looking at your hands technique but so far have not been able to do so while dreaming.

I have narcolepsy sleep life is crazy... don't have to see the hands...Most likely covered...just look down...If you hold it strong in your awareness in reality...The Waking one..
it will happen eventually..

I see someone in my dreams...episodes....

Over the years we have grown old together...we rarely's weird...
been ongoing for ages now. In the dream we have all kinds of adventures.

I lucid dream a Lot.........sometimes I try and crab money or food to bring to RL....the dream never lasts long after the Lucid Bits.....Usually wake up and am disappointed by lack of booty.

The interesting thing is (I've had quite a few lucid dreams)... that when I become lucid my brain decides oh well clearly this is a dream and now the weird **** must happen. My dream becomes a walk down a pantheon of weirdness composed of cultural art mainly Aborigine (Australian), Oceanic and Hindu... I mean I dreamed a frog head came out of a hole and ate a squirrel while I (a bipedal bunny man mind you) was having a conversation with the sky.

Did you ever see the film 'The Sixth Sense'? Its about how the dead communicate w/the living. I do believe it too. I think we need to be asleep in order for the dead to interact w/our subconscious selves.

It is exciting the first time you have a lucid dream. Its your whole self communication. Its like mastering your world in a peaceful nonverbal way. Congratulations!

"I see dead people"...breath freezes LOL