Only Once

It happened about 5 years ago. I was down with the flu, and was pretty heavily medicated. It was the middle of the day, and I had been in bed all day. I dreamed I was laying on my bed and fell asleep. I started dreaming within my dream. I dreamed I was back in school (I hate those) and I was sitting in class listening to my teacher. I got up for some reason, and the physics of the world around me were all messed up (that happens alot actually). I banged my head against a table, and I woke up, but I was still in the classroom. I remembered that I was dreaming about dreaming, and that I must have only woken up from one of the "layers" of dreams, but not the other one. I was completely aware of what was going on around me, and the physics had returned to normal.
At that point my teacher told me to sit down, and I almost did! I remembered that I had finished school years ago, and told her she can't make me do anything anymore. I made her cry, and run out of the room, which was cool, because I never liked her. I then stood thinking about what I had always wanted to do. I've always liked spider-man, so I started to climb up the walls and ceilings...It was great!
Then I remembered something. A lot of the people in my class weren't always that nice to me, so I jumped down from the ceiling, and went up to each and every one of them, and told them exactly what I thought of them, and the cool thing was that they couldn't talk back, because I ordered them not to.
The next thing that came to mind was the thing that would come to any guy's mind in a situation like I picked the prettiest girl in the class, someone who I've always liked, and her best friend (also a looker) and told them to stand up. Then I reached up at nothing, and pulled down a nice big matress, which I plopped down on the floor. Then, with no objections from the girls, or anyone else in the class, I had sex with both of them. Sadly it only lasted for a few minutes, because I woke up properly in the middle of everything. Man was I angry!
Still, what an awesome experience that was! I really wish I could experience that again sometime. I'm sure the meds had something to do with it...too bad I don't remember what they were :(
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Trying to have sex with them probably made you wake up. You most likely don't know what they look like naked, and it's difficult to imagine what sex with them would be like if you've never done it. So therefore your brain couldn't come up with a story, and you woke up.<br />
<br />
I've had several dreams in which I almost got to see a pretty girl naked or have sex with her (none lucid, yet). Every time I woke up before anything good happened. So now I practice visualizing people's naked body, and I correlate it with real pictures so that I can develop realistic images of these things with little mental effort. I also study people's sexual habits and how they relate to personality, so I can imagine what someone would be like in bed. Someday, maybe, I'll get to experience sex in a dream without waking up.