A Few, Here's One

I've had a few lucid dreams the past year, this last one was the craziest.  I dreamed i was at a stranger's house, smoking and drinking (old habits of mine)  and that I was with my ex.  She kissed me and soon we went to sleep.  When I awoke, the dream was more vivid.  Everybody was gone except some parents were still there.  It was so real i thought i was there, and was so scared i didn't know where I was.  I told a woman either this is a lucid dream or something f*cked up happened.  She said o yeah, a big dream.  then she set a valentine's card on the table, i went to read it and woke up.  I awoke relieved to be home.  That was the most realistic dream i've had.

Edit:  I've had two other very amazing lucid dream experiences recently.  I have recently developed a heavilly telepathic relationship with a girl I wish to marry, and am confident I will.  After a day of heavilly conversing with her telepathically, and beginning to fall in love with her, I slept in the next day, and had a lucid dream involving her.  I was dreaming that I was riding up a ski lift I know of, and after I got to the top and clumsilly got off the lift, I was putting on my skis.  Then I woke up in the dream, and dreamed that I woke up on an old bunk bed next to my brother, I then fell back into the dream, and called to my fiance Jamie, and said something to her like, "Jamie, look at me, I'm skiing!"  Really a very cool experience, and very very cool that I had a connection so strong with her that only after really getting to know her for one day, I dreamed about her. 

The second dream I've had about her was even cooler.  I was dreaming about people I knew flowing down two escalators singing my praises for earning a wife.  I then told God, well everybody's here but Jamie, can she come please?  Then over the top between the escalators came Jamie, looking so very beautiful in a white dress, I flew up to her and kissed her, and felt her on my lips.  It was by far the best dream I've ever had.

In both dreams she consciously heard me telepathically calling to her in my dreams.

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that's really cool, thanks for sharing, dream sounds like quite a metaphor. We live this life crossing the bridge from the premortal existence into the afterlife, but during this crossing the devil's advocates attempt to bring us down. But all ya gotta do is shove them off ya.

I think i've had those, although now my dreaming experience has changed drastically. I am much more in control, better yet i am aware of how in control I actually am. it's a pleasure to dream as it is to be alive. I appreciate it all.<br />
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Funny today i woke up and one portion of my dreams was this one that i have already dreamed before (although most do repeat themselves). Anyhow in this dream I crossed this bridge where there are these weird creatures that live in the water (look like zombie waterplant humans) that grab you as you cross the bridge. I somehow recall having been there before but the last time i was there i didn't understand who the creatures were or why they grabbed me and such. This time however I ended up asking some guy that was just about crossing it and he told me they grab you and hold on to you and all you have to do is push them off. i needed help crossing back mind you! the funny thing is that it may be i had dreamed the same thing before yet only remembered a certain portion whereas this time i remembered the help of this random dude and even what i felt when i was grabbed. or it may be that this time I had the thought of actually understanding the whole creature bridge thing which changed the dream completely. I don't really know, but it's fascinating. <br />
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I feel very at ease in my dreams i suppose