Hey, Easy With That Thing!

That still belongs to me! Stop stretching it across the room! I said "OUCH" dammit!

I have been getting mams annually since 2003. I am grateful for the Mobile Mam Unit and their advanced technology. The first one was nerve wracking, not really knowing what to expect and waiting for the results was excruciating. It was a relief to have a normal result for my baseline. I didn't know for sure the girls were ok, having had fibrocystic breasts for years.

Now, an old pro, I critique each technician's expertise and people skills. I have comforted other women waiting for their first time in the mam mobile.

I have always been concerned about so much radiation. I can be paranoid that having mams annually could actually cause a tumor. And I have never trusted the word of anyone in the medical profession. "It's only as much radiation as a cross-country flight," and my relpy is "I don't fly cross-country, I drive."

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Yeah, I think it might help them empathize. But as has been said, if men had to give birth, we'd be extinct by now.

i have to have one this month cant wait to get it over with<br />
too bad men dont have to have something mashed