Ain't Technology Wonderful

I had a mammogram in November.  I received a letter in the mail, telling me that something was found in my left breast.  They recommend a second test of that breast in 6 months. 

Well, breast cancer scares the **** out of me.  I went to a breast doctor today for a second opinion.  He looked at the mammogram results, then told me to undress from the waist up.  A few minutes later (it felt like I waited for an hour), he came back into the office and started feeling and pushing around on my boobs. 

Damn!  Why can't those doctors warm up their hands first! 

He said he couldn't feel any lumps or bumps or problems.  WHEW!  He still wants me to get that second test in May.  He says he will call me when he gets the results for it. 

He also said that the images found on the mammogram were probably just shadows.  WTF  With all this new technology and **** they have, don't they have a way to take a clear picture of a boob?  CLEAN THE LENS OF THE CAMERA!!!!!

I'm a strong believer in positive thinking, so I now believe I just have shadows in my boobs instead of some kind of problems!!!!!

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4 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Nice.. guess they dont care about all the radiation!!!

yep, mysplitpersonality, I forgot to update the story. <br />
after taking the second test, they found nothing. they still want me back soon, cause it'll be a year since the first test. they want to take another mammogram, to compare the pics.<br />
personally, I think it's just a way to make money, but why take chances???

Got that same letter and retook the test and nothing... Hey but thanks for scaring the crap out of me! GRRR!!

thanks seekingom. I'm not as worried about it after talking to the doctor. He said that women with larger breasts usually have shadows appear on the film of these tests.<br />
I still have no idea what that means, but it took some of the worries away for me.<br />
Positive thinking works wonders!!!