Nicest Surprise Of My Life....

I was working away from home for a few days recently and as I have a good job I decided to treat myself to a stay in a very up market ''Spa'' Hotel.I was really looking forward to a long massage as my muscles were stressed and tight, and even though I am almost ALWAYS horny, this particurlar evening it was the last thing on my mind as I was so tired after a long day of meetings and my neck and back were so sore.
Anyway I called the reception of the hotel from my room to book a 1h 30 min full body massage treatment, the receptionist told me I could go down to the spa area whenever I was ready and ask for Moi, that she was the therapist I would have doing my treatment. Anyway Moi turned out to be a young Thai girl, maybe 20 years old, very tiny and young looking, if I did'nt know the high standards of this particular hotel I would have thought she was much younger as she had virtually no breasts, totally flat chested, just dark hard nipples very visible through her white uniform. Moi led me to a softly lit room with scented candles lighting and soft music playing, she handed me a big fluffy white robe and led me to the ensuite shower and told me to have a nice long warm shower and come back into the room when I was done and she would then do my treatment for me. I took a really hot shower to ease my aches and pains and dried myself off and returned to the treatment room after about 10mins, wearing only the robe Id been given. Moi then handed me a big white towel and told me to remove the robe and lie on the heated couch face down, she started the massage on my neck and shoulders and boy did she know how to give a great massage, her tiny warm hands were so gentle, yet strong, she worked on my neck and shoulders for quiet some time and then she moved down my back, the towel was draped across my bottom and when she got lower down, she moved the towel almost exposing my rear end, she then went down to my feet and proceeded to massage upwards, when she got to my knee area she gently prised my legs apart and massaged my inner thighs, every now and then she would go up my thigh so far, almost touching my vagina but not quite, like she was teasing or testing me, with each touch on my inner thigh area I could feel myself getting horny and wet. Then she suddenly went up my thigh much higher than before and she brushed against my vagina, she giggled and said oh I you hair, I hair too. She then told me to please turn on my back and '' you feel more comfort with no towel? At this point I was really horny so I did'nt give it a second thought, I turned over onto my back and just dropped the towel, Moi stood there for a second just looking at my body and seemed a little bit hesitant, then she said you not mind being naked with me? I assured her that I did'nt mind one little bit!! At that stage my vagina was so wet it was almost dripping and my **** was rock hard, I have a very large **** that protrudes and stands out like a small **** when Im aroused, Moi started at my neck ever so gently, she then came down to my breasts and massaged them softly, I could'nt help moaning a little so she must have taken this as a definate sign that I was ok with what she was doing because she started flicking my nipples with her finger nails and saying you have pretty breasts, she then massaged all the way down my stomach until she reached my pubic area, I just lay there and opened my legs for her, she massaged my labia, ever so softly, she then inserted her middle finger into my vagina and proceeded to pump it in and out with a nice rythm, fast but not too fast, I was in total ectasy at this point moaning loudly and raising my hips right off the couch, thrusting in time with her fingering, Moi then said I kiss your *****, you likee? Oh God yes please I said so she went down on me never moving her finger or losing the rythm, she started tounging my **** in perfect rythm with the finger that was inserted in my vagina, she could sense that I was about to climax so she eased off, kissing my pubic area and gently holding her finger still until I was off the brink and then she started all over again, this lasted for about 20mins, and eventually when she knew that I was desperate and could'nt hold out any longer, she tounged and fingered me to the BEST climax I ever experienced!! Wow did I have the climax of all climaxes, it definately lasted at least 2mins and I squirted!!!! Something I thought was just a myth, the female ***********, I actually squirted up onto Moi's face. When I had come down from my climax Moi said you likee very much? I said I sure did, needless to say Moi got a big tip before she left, I asked her if she could do another ''treatment'' for me on the following evening but sadly she said that she was going back to Thailand the following morning for a vacation, however she said she would be back to her job in Ireland in 4wks time, so I will be booking another ''treatment'' then. I have *********** several times daily since that evening thinking about my ''happy ending'' massage and plan to do even more during my next ''treatment'' .......
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Tell me more!!


What a great story. I really enjoyed your "happy ending." Thanks for sharing this terrific experience.

Which hotel was this dolly. would like to get one myself. :)

What a happy ending!!! Thanks for sharing this great story!

wow, what a wonderful experience...I enjoyed just the reading of it!!!

I absolutely loved this story....and as a travelling business woman, would be in heaven if something like this happened to me!

You have described your experience very well. A good massage is always nice and it feels great. You got a massage plus, a bonus for someone who expected total relaxation. Sensual massages are great. I love them.