She Was A Lot More Then Just Mean.

The most meanest teacher I have ever known was my cooking teacher. 

When I decided to take cooking as a GCSE, the teacher suddenly changed and started to be horrible to everyone in the class and I wondered why.

It was obvious, during my first 3 years at the school.... whenever I had a lesson with her, there always the assistant there to help. But when there is no other adult, she would start with the harsh words. I was the basically a victim in most of it. 

I would be quietly doing my work and she'd go and get someone to remove me from the class for being 'disruptive'. I had the whole class on my side saying how I did nothing bad.

To the whole class, she basically gave out a sheet of paper and told us to write. But not what to write about! When everyone thought of something cooking related we did that and the only paper she scrumbled up and threw in bin was mine!

Every time I walk into her class room she would say to me, 'Why do you bother breathing?' or 'Your a waste of time, bet your parents think your a mistake'.
I got most of my bad logs and attendance from her even when all I did was sit and do work and didn't find out she marked me absent until my tutor asked why I kept skipping food class. And thanks to her, because of my bad logs and attendance, I wasn't allowed to go to my prom or leavers day!
I cried so hard and my parents kept saying how this teacher is giving me misery over nothing.

I have lately heard that she has been fired from her job because some teacher over heard her insulting a student in the class. So in every class, she picked on one student when no other teacher was around. But I still blame her for losing my chances of what might have been the best days of my adolesence. It was unfair, I had already so much opportunities taken from me from the beginning and I didn't need her to take away anymore!
(My brother's autistic, so I've never been abroad or gone swimming much as my he hates lines etc...)
Gemz2411 Gemz2411
22-25, F
May 15, 2012