Teacher Screwed Me Up

I have a story about a teacher I had who stemmed my Social Anxiety Disorder. 10 years ago I was in a grade 2/3 split class, I was in the small grade 3 portion. On the first day of school (Tuesday) the teacher handed out assignments for us to do a presentation in front of the class about ourselves. I was told my presentation was on the following Tuesday.

Anyways, my mom and I had worked on my project on the weekend and it was finished on Sunday. On Monday I was sitting in class watching some of them and then she called my name to present. I stood up and told her that I didn't have to do it until tomorrow. She then made me remain standing as she screamed at me, she called me stupid and lazy for not doing my work. She said that I knew it was due on Monday and pretty much made an example of me. I cried in front of the whole class and was told to sit with my head down in my arms.

My mom told me I went home and cried for hours, I was humiliated and had done nothing wrong. The next day she brought me early and went to talk to the teacher with me. She brought my paper and the note that was sent home saying I had to have it done for Tuesday. Later that day when I presented she gave me an apology in front of the class which only actually embarrassed me further because it reminded everyone of my humiliation.

I cannot remember the incident at all even though I remember a lot of events from grade 2 and the remainder of grade 3. I know the story based on what my mother and friends told me about it.
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I was literally terrified of some of my teachers, that and my other demons kept me painfully shy way into adulthood; but I am quite outgoing now! :)