Had So Many I Don't Know Where To Begin

The majority of teachers I had were quite nice and helpful to me but there were some who were complete opposite. One I remember was when I was in junior school, she was a very mean teacher who would shout at me for no reason though I did find out in recent years she was a misandrist (a woman who hates boys and men). Another teacher I can remember was when I was in secondary school, now I was in a class that did misbehave but for some reason she took it out on me yet I never done anything, eventually she did push me up to the point when the darkside of my personality first came out cause then I joined in with the misbehaved pupils just to get her to quit. I have regretted doing that though but if you had her as a teacher you would have been pushed too. There was another teacher also at my secondary school who was just as bad and he was one of those biased teachers as well, he would only help the pupils who were good at the subject and he was mean to the ones who weren't good despite their best efforts. Those are just a couple of mean teachers I had and had a few more as well but those ones were the worst.
dalv2011 dalv2011
26-30, M
May 18, 2012