My middle school gym teacher (Mr.G) was a nightmare. He would always scream and yell at everyone he had like no talking voice it was just yell and scream. He would lecture us all the time about getting in shape and stuff when he had no room to talk this dude had a beer belly. Anyway he would always make us play airforce football and he wouldn't let the girls be on the same team as guys I swear he was sexist or something cause he always was ruder to the girls than he was to us. If you did something small like throw something out when he's talking or ask to go to the bathroom you got yelled at and sent to the office. I remember kicking a basketball and he got in my face and started screaming at me calling me a punk and a rock head and wrote me up for disrespecting school property. Then there was the time I had an asthma attack while running I've always had breathing issues while running and normally I was allowed to get some water and walk a bit but not with Mr.G I asked if I could stop and he was like no keep running should have brought your inhaler. He wasn't even nice about it he said it in some stupid mocking voice. He did the same thing to me during swimming when I was having issues breathing he kept telling me the same thing NO
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I had a PE teacher similar to this, he was an enormous obese black man that for some reason was the girls PE teacher. I had an asthma attack on the mile run and started crying, he then screamed as loud as possible "looks like we got a cryer here" then he began to laugh his *** off as my friend took me to the nurse. He made us run it again the next for leaving.

thats so mean!