The Falconator Aka Mr.falconberry

He was known as the hardest and meanest teacher in the school (still is) he taught math I was unlucky and had him for geometry in 9th grade. He was the kind of teacher that loved to talk down to you. He used to call kids my in my class especially me stupid ,lazy will never amount to anything. I remember him calling me stupid and lazy because I didnt know how to do a problem that he called on me for. Then I remember this time when I asked for help on a problem and he treated me like I was stupid he was like don't ask me I don't know how to do it use your notes. His notes weren't exactly very helpful. It just seemed like he spent most of his classes yelling and belittling us all telling us that we will fail in life and how stupid we all are instead of actually teaching.
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Jun 14, 2012