My Grandmothers Teacher

Many times I find comfort at my grandparents house, its always warm and they spoil us endlessly, and its always filled with kids, one day me and my sister and two younger cousins were sitting around doing absolutely nothing after swimming in their pool, so our Grandmother told us a story,

After he father died in the war, Oma (my grandmother) was greatly depressed, and she would cry at school in the church, one of the sisters came up to her when she was crying and yelled at her "It has been a month already! Get over it" and slapped her hands with a ruler 50 times. Oma then went up to another sister the next day and told her what happened "That b-" the sister almost swore! She then corrected herself and returned to her proper stance "Sweetheart" she said "you have every right to cry and pray for your father and she had no right to do that to you"

My oma could only guess what was happening in the convent that night.

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