Mr.Brewer was my science teacher. He would get mad at me if I so much as cough in class. I can remember one time he started screaming bible quotes at me, for no apparent reason saying "Sinners shall be doomed to hades". Soo glad I don't have him anymore, he was such a pain.
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DANG. You shold be glad you dont have my science teacher im in the 6th grade now and i have mrs.sims. she makes us take quizes on words we dont even know about. then when someone fails the test , she lies that we had time to wite them down

Lol i had a spainish teacher who yelled every time someone went to get a kleenex! and then kicked everybody out cause they were talking while doing a group project!!


Our science teacher was the same. Trying to teach us creationist theory as he was trying to teach the big bang theory. Needless to say it didnt go well.

LOL what a weirdo.... throwing random bible quotes ahahhaha

I know!

Sounds like he has some good material to put on a sign and stand on the street corner with the crazies!!