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I used to be out of school for days in about 10th grade because I used to get sick all the time that year and Mr.C would question me to death about it or make snarky comments when I did get back to class. He'd be well class Filip decided to join us this week. When he was questioning we he would go you get sick an awful lot what were you sick with? Are you going to be sick next week? He didn't even ask nicely it was snippy sounding. He always made me go up to the board and do problems when I clearly didn't know how to do them due to being absent he used to make me stand there til I got it correct and wouldn't even help me which made me feel frustrated and lost. Whenever you asked a question he would always say I don't know use your notes, ask a classmate, use your book. I felt like he didn't really teach he just loved to come everyday and give everyone a hard time he liked to pick on his students.
FilipX FilipX 31-35, M 3 Responses Aug 18, 2012

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Sounds like this one teacher named Mrs. Rieneer.

Its easy being the eldest in the room, not that it matters. I understand, I had a few teachers like that.

terrible D: these types of people ruin the profession