She Doesn't Understand

My math teacher, in 7th and 8th grade, 8th being this year, is just cruel. Her method of teaching her students consists of giving them work that would take them a school week to finish and make them do a "journal" that was basically explaining how to solve almost any question on that math subject, and hand ALL that in TWO DAYS.
Also, I'll have you know that I have a disorder that's on the autism spectrum, so basically a mild case of autism. My math teacher either does not know this, or does not care. She yelled at me and another student once for not making eye contact with her while talking, yelled at me for not being able to answer her question, and one time within the last week, I won a contest at the school and got recognized during an assembly. After that I had math. I walked up to the door expecting some form of "congrats!" or "well done" , but as soon as I get up to her she told me in an angry tone that I did bad on my tests. Yeah, because giving a somewhat autistic kid praise for something they really tried hard on and really enjoyed and could help their planned career is totally less important than being mad at them for being bad at math.
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I understand you, I have the same problem or I had.
What you need is to ignore that mean teacher (still doing your best in the class and all that) and find a nice teacher to talk to or even your parents, friends. If you want you can talk to me about it, I think we have the same thing.