Mrs W...the Evil Maths Teacher.

When i was in year 10 i seem to remember a teacher who everyone hated. She had a voice like she had a really small throat and when she shouted it was hilarious. She used to send people up to our head of years office for moaning about maths and whenever we asked for help, she said 'ive explained once and that is enough'. so needless to say we all complained and made up bull like 'its destroying our learning and we aren't learning enough for the exams' which i suppose it was in a way. Mind you, complaining didn't do a lot, we had other teachers who observed the class while she taught and in them she let people go to the toilet, she helped and no one got sent out therefore making herself look really good. Luckily she ditched us in year 11 and i got a really good maths teacher! :)
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Dec 5, 2012