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My journal (this will be incredibly vulgar and have adult language.)***
First off, lets get this straight off the bat, i'm only writing this because i need something/some other way to vent my feelings other than playing guitar. I am at this impasse because currently my shoulder is having problems and the pain is too intense to continue playing after 5 minutes. And i really don't think the chiropractor understands whats really wrong, maybe he has the basis, but not all of it. Nobody really understands me. Having tourrett's syndrome and Segmental neurofibromitosis really limits peoples ability to connect with me. My tourretts are for the most part, under control, and my NF is very segmented and are only freckles all along my left thigh and up to my "V" area. I'm kind of getting sidetracked as i started this too only vent about the difficulties with the teachers i am having my sophomore year. So i guess ill stop writing a ******* biography and get to the point. But before i do, this journal is going to be a crazy ride, it's not gonna be just about one thing, however many things that i need to get out of me, and onto something else. Guitar just has not been doing it for me anymore.

Sophomore Year Date written : December 6th 2012

Frustration. That's the word that comes to mind when i think about how my sophomore year is currently going. I have been having the worst ******* year possible when it comes to my teachers. Don't get me wrong, i make honor roll, i'm generally a good student, and i really enjoy learning, and i have learned a lot this year (mainly due to the good teachers or readings assigned by the bad teachers, and not they themselves) however, three teachers really **** me off. For all intents and purposes their names will be snorting cow, smellybitch, and old fart. While this may seem incredibly juvenile, if you had these teachers you would completely understand. However, to save me the effort of typing those out, ill just abbreviate them as Mrs. S(snorting cow), Mrs. M(smellybitch) and Mrs. R.(oldfart).

Mrs. S is my insane World history honors teacher, Mrs. M is my stubborn, close-minded, English Honors teacher, who would probably murder me for the lack of structure and grammatically correct sentences of this. Mrs. R. is my chemistry ENRICHED teacher. Lets talk about world history first.

WH. I have always loved learning about history, and having a great teacher my freshman year for world history, i grew to enjoy it even more so. But first, my chemistry and World history teachers, pale in comparison to the notoriety of my english teacher. The only quarrel that i have with Mrs. S is she doesn't teach. She hands out packets for us to "annotate" and A LOT of reading material. I don't mind this at all, as i very much love reading and learning, however my problem with her is that what she puts on the tests, is generally not at all what she "teaches". I do have a lot of admiration for her because as a jew, i am all for israel and completely against what the palestinians have been doing to Israel for the past years. She is an avid pro-israel supporter, and was on the verge of tears when she was trying to explain how israel cannot possibly be at fault in the situation and that the palestinians have been treating us like absolute ****, and how they shield themselves with children and fire rockets from schools. But anyway have kind of grown to like her, now that i have typed all this out, i realize NOBODY is as bad as Mrs. M

Chem. I chose to take Enriched chemistry because i heard there was ALOT of mathematics involved. Math was never really my strong suit, ever. So i chose enriched, not knowing how ghetto my class would be. I would legitimately say out of a class of about 30, 25 are black. And i'm not going to try to be politically correct in here. These are MY thoughts. The kids are so ******* disrespectful to her and constantly talk and text and make very little effort to learn. However, this is not all of the black people, as there are some that do try, but the "ghetto" ones really hinder the teachers teaching ability and our ability to learn. My main problem with Mrs. S is that she hardly teaches, and she hands out packets with fill in the blanks. Usually this is no hassle. But she makes them terribly. For example, lets say we are learning about atoms, this would be a sentence for fill in the blank.

The smallest unit of an element _is called an_________ atom

The way she does it doesn't even help us learn.

NOw onto english

English. To start this off, i have always loved writing and felt a certain passion towards it. MY freshman year i had this wonderful teacher that everybody loved, Mr. W. HE taught us how to draw parallels between works, and to find the underlying truths under the texts we read. He taught me how to become a much better writer, however you will not really find this in here as these are just free flowing thoughts that will NOT be edited whatsoever. He was creative, and graded you on what you say and what is IN your writing, not necessarily how you format a paragraph, not how you write a thesis, but what you say. WHich i think is the only way writing should be graded to a certain extent.

This year, my english teacher is the definition of a ******* ****. I honestly hate her so ******* much i have had incredibly morbid thoughts of what i would do to her if we were alone. However i dispelled these thoughts as they were incredulous. At first i disliked her because we had a personality clash. I hate posers. And she is a poser. SHe tries too hard to be like Mr. W and fails completely, but also tries to be a close-minded **** whereas W. was as openminded as could be. Mr. W. wanted us to learn, he wanted us to speculate and examine the texts and draw our own meaning from it and share it with the class in discussions. I really regret my lack of participation in those discussions and hope to have another shot at it in later years. Anyways Mrs. M rejects anyone's ideas that differ from hers. I wrote an in class essay on Siddhartha, and i thought i did extremely well. And by Mr. W.'s standards, I'm sure i would have, however i received a D- on both the multiple choice section and the essay. I honestly couldn't give a half of a **** about the multiple choice because Ms. M makes it so you pick the LIE out of true statements. Now, forgive me if i'm wrong, but isn't the point of teaching to want your kids to learn? And if you want your kids to learn, you want to make sure they have learned, so you test them on what they read. That, I'm okay with. Its the fact that she isn't testing us on what we read, she's testing us with intents to have us fail. Pick out the lie, is very confusing (to me at least) especially because i'm just not that type of learner. I don't read a book to see what didn't happen. That defies the point of reading. I read to know what happens. I don't pay attention to what didn't. ANyways the prompt was a completely opinionated prompt that i won't write out due to fear of someone figuring out who this teacher is. I was going to write the one i knew she was looking for, a generic, cookie-cutter, response. But having mr. W. i wanted to voice my opinion and wrote something else. I couldn't bring myself to just be simple minded with only one answer. this teacher literally wrote "do not speculate" on my essay. I'm sorry, but with absolutely no due respect because i ******* hate you, as a student who wants to learn, speculating is what i should be doing. She won't accept the fact that there are people with opinions that are different from hers and can be right.
For a while, i wasn't sure how i was going to make it through this year with her. Writing this has certainly helped, but it also made me realize just how bad she really is.
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BTW i will try to update daily with what i continue to write at home if you find this interesting and are compelled to read more.