Mr Ricks - Teaching Kids To Hate Themselves

Mean, critical. harsh and uninspiring. Those words fit you very well Mr R.

You were, supposedly, a PE teacher and a geography teacher. I was a child with a slight disability, who was a huge inconvenience for you. 

In the paralympics 2012, I saw the great physical achievement disabled people could achieve with the right motivation. On my first day I arrived to the PE class, you imediately could not be bothered. I was slower and less flexible than the other kids, but at that stage there was some hope that my athletic abilities could be stretched. After all, i loved riding my bike for hours on end. But after less than ten minutes in the class you told me to go and sit on the bench. And for the next five years, the rest of my school days, you left me on the bench each PE class. You also could not be bothered with the "fat kid" and after one or two clases you left him on the bench as well.

There was no way I would ever have been able to fully partake, but there was some things I may have been able to do and you left me out. You crushed my feelings and helped to make me feel shy, awkward and embarrased to be me. That's not what you are supposed to do as a teacher. You are supposed to uplift and inspire. In the right way, you are also supposed to push people to achieve better things. Instead, you made me feel worthless. I also know you made the "fat kid" feel the same. I wonder how many others you failed to reach and failed to teach. 
loveland loveland
41-45, M
Dec 15, 2012