Ms. Hall

Some spewed words of poison into the innocent ears of children while others used physical violence as a means of installing fear and absolute obedience. Ms. Hall employed both with a seemingly sadistic dark pleasure. I witnessed a boy in my class who was beat severely with the spike of her high heel. She had him by the hand and as he tried to run away, he could only run in a circle around her while she pounded his backside viciously. Another boy was grabbed by the hair of his head and his face repeatedly pounded into the hard oak wood of her desk. The girls in the class were spared the rod but not the serpents tong as she found a certain delight in unjust ridicules that brought tears. I often look back and wonder how so many invisible scare to the souls of my classmates went unnoticed.
Ms. Hall never married and passed away an old maid a few summers ago at age 89. Services were held and she was buried along with her name.........but no one came.    
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51-55, M
Jan 15, 2013