Mrs Cross

She was also my neighbour

She was my P5 Teacher- meaning she was my teacher whilst I was 8 years old. 

'Cross by name and Cross by nature', i discovered that even her own husband could not get on with her in later years.

She would spit whilst she shouted at you - earning her the nickname of Spitfire and it did not help that my brothers, 20 years older than me i must add so they are not unaccountable, armed me up with these nicknames and sayings before I went into her class, which was not the best start, as i was as parrot at that age

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5 Responses Oct 7, 2008

ROFL - great comment flutterbly

Let us know what happens when you go home and pinch her waist! That will be great! <br />
<br />
I had a teacher in 5th grade named Mrs. Pitts - she was definitely the pits.<br />
I still have a mental block with math because of her. One time she came and sat down beside me at church. I got up and left.

Oh yeah, that we be awesome payback!! lol

I had a German teacher who was a total Nazi, and I'm not exaggerating! He used to pick on the black kids and whack them with a meter ruler across the knuckles. I have no idea how that man got away with it...

Oh man, we had a completely mental teacher too. I would hate going to school when I knew she was taking the class.