Mrs Morgan

My reception class teacher used to call me evil for being left handed and would make me sit on it as I wrote with my right. This explains why I write in a very special way an no one can read my writing. I should have been a doctor

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1 Response Jan 7, 2009

My preschool teacher did the exact same thing to me! I was in Okinawa Japan, and she was an old bag who hated everything that wasn't Okinawan or Japanese. She'd always yell at me for being left-handed and racially mixed, and tell me I was cursed, and say that's why I was so stupid.<br />
She'd make me cry for no reason, and spank my bare butt in front of the entire class. (Literally. She told everyone to "gather 'round" , pulled down my skirt and panties, and she FORCED the kids to watch.<br />
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