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When I was in the eleventh grade, I had an English teacher named Mrs. B she was such a *****. In high school one of our counselors passed away so anybody with the last name from S to Z was assigned the honors kids counselors which meant we had to take honors classes. And this pissed Mrs B off for some reason because she always treated the non honors kids like ****, like we were retarded or slow. She would separate the class into to halves and make comments like " Ill have to speak in terms that YOU other kids can understand". So then there was a writing contest in the school and I beat out all the so called honors children, and i remember her saying "Just because you one some public school writing contest doesn't mean you'll accomplish anything with your life, and that I shouldn't get my hopes too high because people of our Intellect rarely accomplish anything".

I don't know if having her as a teacher was good because it motivated me to become who i am today, or if I'm forever tainted because ill never get the recognition I want from her to say "Hey I proved you wrong"

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When I was in 3rd Grade we had this Principle who would walk around the school all day and pop into every classroom like stuff was her business all the time. One day I told my teacher to shut up, after which she cried for 3 and a half hours. I apologized during that time however the next day the principle grabbed my shoulder and shoved me towards the door yelling at me about how I didn't apologize for screaming at me teacher. I fell over and when she refused to let go I told her to back of, however she only held onto my shoulder tighter and more painfully. I punched her and through a book off of the table at her before leaving. All I can say now is she was a really f***ed up c*** and she deserved what she got. Luckily she quit the same year because of what I did :)

YOu won't find her, Siggy! She's walking with a limp over the hills, suckin on moonshine jug, rambling Shakespear to herself!

She retired the year i graduated ironically and moved back to Kentucky, I wish she would be back so i can be like In your face.

Ecellent story, Siggy! Have you been to a Class Reunion, yet?? YOU'd be amazed how the roles have reversed for several of the students as adults! And wouldn't it be grand to see Ms. B now.... in all YOUR glory! ;) hehehee

Wow, what an a/h. You should have taken the issue to the principle. Awful poison for kids to suck up. You should find her and tell her what a stinky teacher she was.<br />
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I had an incredibly rotten second grade teacher. When she would call on me, if I didnt know the answer she would come over to me and pull my hair in the front.<br />
She would come around the room and check to see if we were doing our work. If she caught me daydreaming, which she did often, she would grab my hair again and pull hard. Pretty soon my head was raw up there. Her name was Mrs. B too. When I needed to use the bathroom, I put my hand up. I held it there for like five min, pretty soon it was getting too hard to hold.<br />
By the time she finally acknowledged my hand, it was too late. I peed my pants and it was all over the desk and floor. She screamed at me, "Clean that UP you right now! I ran out of the room and grabbed all the stiff brown paper towels. Cleaned it up and cried the whole time. I actually thought this woman was just an empty shell of a puss who had a bad life so much she took it out on me. I was failing 2nd grade because of her bulliness. I was afraid what she would do next. Finally when it came time to leave 2nd grade, the Principle told me if I could pass this test I could move on. I did pass it. Cause the idea of having Mrs B again made me literally sick.

This is a great story! I also had a teacher like this and mine was a nun. she was down right mean!

Wow. She sure was something. There is no way I'd ever let any of my future children near anyone like that.<br />
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But you've proven her wrong, man.