Bad Substitute Teachers

Last year I was a junior. I have a few learning disabilities and some physical disabilities. So i had to take a special math class because thats where most of my academic struggles fall. Well the problem was alot of these students in the class were the type of kids that didnt want to be there and would do anything to distract the teacher and everyone around them. So they bullied me alot and i cried almost everyday. I was called gay, sexual predator, and much worse names. One day we had a substitute teacher. The kids were being especialy mean that day to me. One of the kids in the class called me gay. I tried to just let it go. Than i dont quite remmeber what was said after that, but the kid said something and i laughed because it was another insult towards me but it made no sense at all. So than the boy who insulted me AGAIN, said to the teacher, she laughed at me! I should point out here that this was highschool, not kindergarten. So he was just being childish now and i was a innocent victim of bullying. The teacher than gave this big long speech telling the class that sometimes people laugh because they feel bad about their own lives so it feels better for them to make fun of others. The speech was not about the boy feeling badly about life, she was refering to me! I was so mad and upset at this point i got up and left the class. I just went to the office and sat there for the rest of class refusing to go back. These kids still made fun of me for the rest of the year just because im disabled. Im not mentaly disabled at all, except for learning disability in math, but that isnt really mentaly disabled. After that little incident, my dad decided to send me to a private school. So I now go to west lutheran highschool. Wonderful school! Everyone is so nice to eachother and their nice to me. I have so many friends at my new school and im so happy :) I have had so many other similar problems at my old school, and i would now like to name that school. Wayzata Highschool.

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Im glad you got to a better school!

I acually used your story for a report i was doing in language. and it helped me alot thanks! and i know how you feel but instend of leaveing i stood up for my self and punched them in the mouth :3 then they didnt bully me again.<br />
but yea thanks for sharing! :D

i had a sub that told everybody to shut up. He screemed and complained about everything. STOP TALKING or Ive decided i dont like substetute teaching anymore is what he would say. Someone started saying that she was going to get him arrested and blahh blahh blahh. Then he wrote on the boared, "My low paying job is no reason to go to jail. " Then someone banged there head, and while all the aids were scramblig to get help, he just stood there. PS: The person who banged there head got a concusion. <br />
Anyway, hope that you like it at your new school and just ignore those subs and bullys. People are picking on me at school and i just ignore them because they are ignorent people who are trying to impress someone better them also known as Followers



Great, I feel good for you. I'm glad you're better.

thanks. yah i felt pretty bad after that. your right a teacher shouldnt have made that speech. i still like education but im no longer a fan of public education

It's so wrong.<br />
<br />
For your classmates to tease and insult you was wrong enough and then for your teacher to make that vague speech, it's just redundant.<br />
<br />
I'm not sure whether she was trying to help you or not but the least she could do was to be clear and strict. No insults should be allowed in a classroom and if a teacher can not handle it, she or he better not fuel it.<br />
<br />
I'm glad things have changed for you - sincerely hope what happened doesn't make your views on education becoming negative! :)