Nun From Hell

Sister Patricia was the stereotypical mean nun that taught my second grade class. She was a bitter woman that appeared to be in her late 30’s if I were to guess. She was the teacher that yelled and punished EVERYONE. I don’t remember a day when I didn’t get in trouble by that woman. One day in particular she yelled at the class for talking. I remember clearly that I kept my mouth shut but my mistake was turning away from her to look out the window. When she couldn’t see my face she assumed that I was "mouthing" something to another student. When confronted I of course denied it. She told me to stick out my hands and hit me across both with her ruler. I looked at her with tears in my eyes but refused to cry. I went to sit back down and dropped my book. As I went to pick it up, I guess it made her mad because she grabbed me by the hair, lifting me up and knocking my chair to the floor. She then led me by my hair to the back door, opened it and pushed me out onto the steps. A minute later my book came shooting out as well. I remember crying and being so mad I wanted to run away. Not to be too mean but if there is a hell, she’s there now. Evil nun woman! GGGRRR!!

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Sorry you had an experience like that. All the nuns I ever met were wonderful ladies.
They have sweet dispositions and pleasant personalities. I worked in a church rectory for 13 years (that's how I met them) and, even today, they greet me by name as I come for Sunday morning mass.

I feel for you so much! I went 8 years of Catholic grade school. I had a nun in 3r grade that picked me up on the desk I was sitting on and spanked me in front of the whole class just because I couldn't sit still. I had ADD. But, at that time in life they didn't know what that was. Then, I had a female principle that was a nun as well. She seemed to like to touch our privates. I couldn't wait to go to H.S. at public school after that nightmare.

Sorry you had to go through that. Not a pleasant experience at all. I have been there. I had a teacher just like that and she is still around today. Real nasty *****, you couldnt do anything correct in her class and I always wondered after 35 years how someone like her could hold on to a job like that and not be fired. I dont like nuns at all today because of her and am glad to hear that most catholic schools including the one I attended are closing down. They serve no purpose and the nuns weere poor teachers.

How many nuns did you know? I worked in a church rectory office for 13 years
and met many of them. My neighbor down the street had a sister who was a Catholic nun and a damn good teacher. She died of cancer a couple of years ago but I lost a dear friend and neighbor when she passed away. Nuns today are indistinguishable from regular persons.

eesh! That's enough evidence for me that nuns should get laid more regularly!

Wow, that is worse than any of MY teachers ever were! People like that ruin what should be a fun experience--good job standing up to her, though!