One thing that hurts me is when people seek to hurt and attack others because of their appearance. I've witness and stood up for others but today I experienced it first hand. I could have said something, I could have spoken for myself but I said nothing. Moments when people are trying to take advantage of you because you seem vulnerable and weak, they expect you to speak up and say something. They look for your tone of voice and body language. Well.. My teacher.. I used my body language. I was angry by how she came to me in a rude way but I said nothing. I sat down with confidence and I said nothing to her. I couldn't bother responding to her, I knew what she wanted from me and at the time, first period, my self esteem was really low and I was sad and not in the mood. But after what she did my self esteem went up.. High. Sometimes body language speaks for you. No need to open your mouth. I wanted to hit her in the face. Pathetic. We have a bad history. Everyone in my class was staring at me. I'm really angry right now but eh.. Laugh it out. Body language is important.. Speaks louder than words.
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i think what u did is really good i dont think that i can say nothing but sometimes i do :)

Everyone will face this whether it's a sibling, parent, bully or teacher. Learn from it. Don't react to extreme emotions with extreme emotions unless it is derogatory to a life. Check the facts of the situation. Is there any way it could be avoided? Maybe she has a crummy life. The only person you have access to emotionally is you. I can't let myself assume I "know" what anyone is thinking..not even body language. Do positive things that make you happy. Small steps..every day and you will slowly build a strong sense of happiness that no one can take from you.

I had a professor yell at me in front of the whole class. And blaming my assignment for him being in a bad mood

Be strong LeahLovee

I think you did the right thing- by ignoring her- BUT--i would have really wanted to cut her down to size- and face principal repercussions later. Never feel embarrassed for who and how you are. **** the world if they do not get you !

She wanted the reply as she wanted a reason to give you mare grief. That is when I would have started to dig up dirt on her. Get her address. Take cards out of magazines -at random- and subscribe to a bunch of **** in her name. Playboy- Hustler, and so many others.

Back in the 70's kids used to do that- and back then-it was almost IMPOSSIBLE to get these companies to cancel your subscription. May calls had to be made. OR-- get 10 recoirds for $1 each- and have to buy 8 more. Subscribe them to that list.

Call Dial-A-Prayer and tell them you are afraid for thier soul and give them thier number and ask them to call. You want identifies as anon.

Order 8 large pizzas to her address (in the 70's). Be sure she has company.

It was. But we knew how to even the playing field. And gym teachers that jumped on girls because of thier monthlies- they did not teach long.

We had teacher that graduated in the early 50's form HS- and later teaching college. he spolke of a teach er ther they COULD NOT STAND! I for get thr reason.

She drone a nice 1948 Mercury- fully decked out. Mohair interior, Vinyl. Sweet- a nice machine,

So they took that cat and fed it fish and milk--AND castor oil. And then took a dab of turpentine, which makes the skin burn and placed it on the cat's ***. Put it in the car and rolled up all the windows. The cat was either pooping ot trying to lick itself. But her car was trashed. I am told. By a teacher- WOW! That makes magazines and records sound lame.

The cat was fine. The vehicle trashed, as it clawed it and cat **** scent was all through it.

I know . i found it hard to believe as well. Guess the early 50's were like that? The red scare was going on-so folks were on edge. I do not know what she did to deserve that. But DAMN!

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a teacher did that to you?

that is disturbing. she shouldn't be doing that

that isn't right... I would be furious if a teacher treated my daughter that way

Thats horrible I've never seen it before to be honest