Mrs Durham Pt2

Been a while since I told you my first story of this hag of a teacher. When I was growing up from as far as I can remember I would get ear infections. I always get them at night and go to the doctor, and have a high fever. Well one day in the 4th grade, I had a horrible ear infection in my right ear. I told Mrs. Durham about it, she tells me to go to the nurses office. I go down there and they take my temp, which was like 99.0 which is high to me. They wouldn't let me go home. I even told them my dad is home and they could call him and ask them if I get alot of ear infections. They wouldn't ( them bastards), they give me cotton to put in my ear,and off I went to Mrs. Durhams class. It couldn't stop hurting I mean I would bang my head on the desk to numb the pain it hurt. I went to the nurses office off and on about 4times that day. During lunch I couldn't take it anymore and started screaming and crying. They brought the nurse to pick me up from the lunch room. She took my temp and again it was like 99.3 still high to me. She brings me to their confrence room in the school and brings the principal and the nurse and my teacher to talk to me. Thinking I was lying so i could go home. Im like these ******** they know im in pain they can ask my freaking dad. I told my teacher that my dad is home you can call him and ask him if I get ear infections alot. Again they wouldn't. Finally school ended and my dad was going to pick me up from school. Mrs. Durham told me to get my dad to come in her classroom. I was happy ,finally he can tell these prinks that I get ear infections ,but oh no it didn't go as planed. All I remember is my dad and Mrs. Durham yelling at me saying to Quit diging yourself in a hole. I have no idea what the hell that ment. I told Mrs. Durham before that I always get a fever a couple of days. I went to the doctor the next day the nurse couldn't believe it I had a fever of 103 ******* *******.

jettalady jettalady
31-35, F
Feb 25, 2010