New Years Eve Double Celebration

This past new years eve, the dance club that I frequent and used to work at went all out on a New Year's eve bash. They brought in international DJs as well as a hip hop dance group from LA and the night was crazy with all the dancing it was amazing. Me being a club dancer there before of course got dragged on stage for the dance competition, where I went all out and really got the crowd going shaking up my body and putting on a show with sexy moves too. With the crowd cheering for more, one of the DJs and one of the hip hop dancers, all of a sudden jumped on stage and started to dance around me, ending up with me in between them in a sandwich, grinding hard to the beat with me thrashing my head and hair around, while one had his hands on my waist, and the other was tracing the outline of my body, tugging on the slightly open shirt that was already slipping from time to time off my shoulders, revealing my sexy bra strap and pushed up cleavage to the crowd... wow... I was so high, and the crowd was absolutely screaming. Once off stage, I was so sweaty and hot and had to excuse myself to the ladies room to fix myself up, and on return to the bar, there was the DJ and the dancer that was grinding with me on stage, waiting for me with these big crack of smiles on their faces welcoming me back and offering up to buy me drinks. The DJ's name was Andre from Jamaica, tall dark and handsome with a very sexy deep voice. And the dancer's name was Jesus from LA, a muscular built Latino with boyish good looks that has a beautiful smile. They were giving me all kinds of compliments about my performance on stage, and chatted me up over a few rounds of drinks. It must have been the heat exhaustion from the dancing and me being so thirsty, the alcohol got to my head really quick, and soon I was just laughing and giggling up a storm between the two of them, with all of us flirting with each other. Later, their friends came over and was planning to leave after they finished their gig, at which time, it was agreed that they were going to take the party back to their hotel and invited me to go along as well. We ended up back at this huge multi room suite at their hotel, where more dancing and drinking continued. At one point, I got really hot from the dancing and went out to the balcony that had an amazing view over the city. Andre followed with drinks in hand and we relaxed a bit looking out on the city skyline. After chatting about where he is from and about ourselves for a while, sensing that I was starting to feel a bit chilly, Andre put his arm around me and pull me against him to keep me warm. I had more than enough to drink at this point and feeling woozy, so I just nestled in on his body and enjoyed leaning against his strong warm body in the chilly night air. He then leaned down with his head to smell my perfumed hair and whispered in my ears with his deep sexy voice how beautiful he finds me, then with his other arm pulled me to face him to plant this passionate kiss on my lips. It was the first time that I had ever been kissed by a black man, and with all the hot dancing and drinking that night, I was already finding this curious attraction to him, so I found myself putting my arms around his neck and eagerly kissing back. He was a soft and passionate kisser, his lips full, soft and warm. Our tongues explored with each other, and I was really starting to feel horny from the passion of his kisses and his exploring hands that was moving up and down my body then resting with a firm hold on my ***. When all of a sudden, I feel another pair of hands on my waist tracing the curves on my back, and feeling another body pressing up against me from behind and a breath of hot air behind my neck, planting these slight kisses on my neck and shoulder. I was startled a bit and turn my head back to find it was Jesus. "Jesus, what are you doing?" giggling a bit and moving away from Andre's embrace, looking puzzled at the two of them. Andre pulled me back in an embrace again and swayed our bodies to this slow song that was now coming out of the suite. He didn't give me much time to be puzzled about why he wasn't mad or minded Jesus' sudden intrusion and advances and had me locked in this passionate kissing again. Again, I felt Jesus pressing up against me from behind, grinding with us, with him nuzzling in my hair. Although confused, I was not complaining having two hard sexy masculine bodies pressing against me. The music, booze, the mood was in the air, and I just let myself go between the two of them, feeling the music and the dirty dancing that was taking place. "Are you guys going to let me in on what's going on?" I chuckled. "Baby, we been wanting to do this to you ever since we had you between us earlier tonight", Jesus whispered. "You are one hot and sexy girl, baby" Andre vibrated out of from his throat. "We want to give you an unforgettable new year" the two of them blurted. By now, I was too enjoying the moment, four hands on my body, caressing, kissing, lusting on me... I had never imagined that I would be with a black or Latino man, less being with both at the same time. They led me to the adjoining bedroom, and in no time, they were standing behind me next to each other, taking turns to kiss me from behind. My arms were wrapped around both of their heads sharing kisses left and right, while their hands were busy sliding underneath my bra to fondle my ****, and sliding up my thighs to rub between the crotch of my hot pants. It was so hot and dreamy at the same time, and I was now horny as hell and feeling my crotch getting extremely wet. Andre got a hand underneath the string of my panties and felt my wetness, while Jesus pushed up my bra over my **** and kneaded my bare breasts feverishly. My hands were busy also, as I lusted them and reached back to rub the bulge of their jeans, and sensing the size of them, knew that I was in for a great ride. After dismantling my clothes, Andre and Jesus quickly ******** themselves naked. I immediately knelt between them and took their ***** in my hands and marveled at the chocolate and coffee colored popsicles that were staring in my face. I saw my first black **** in my life, Andre was long and had a good thickness, with a dark purple head and a really dark shaft. And Jesus, I can only say Oh My.... his head was not big, but his **** was quite thick and longer than Andre's.. (thinking to myself, I thought black guys have the biggest dicks, guess not always). I had their ***** resting in the palm of my hands and took turns to lick their heads. Both were already oozing pre-***, and from their faces, I can already see were thrilled about what was happening. I started to take both of them in my mouth, taking turns blowing them, my hands stroking their ****, while I bobbed my head on their shaft and sucked them well. They were moaning left and right. "Yes, baby, oh yeah, do it like that" "Oh baby your mouth is so hot, yeah, take it, yes" I started to feel like a **** star and was intent on giving them a performance. And looking up eye to eye in their faces while I blew them, I think they were not disappointed. We moved on to the couch next to the bed, Jesus sat down and pulled me onto him, guiding his **** back in my mouth. Lying on my side, Andre then knelt next to me and started to rub my *****, then licking it, fingering me... his eating me out only made me suck Jesus even harder, and by now, he's got his hands holding my head onto his ****, as he was slightly ******* my mouth. He was too long for me to take all of him in my mouth and I had to put a hand on his shaft so I don't gag. Andre then lifted me up onto my knees and started to eat my ***** from behind, he was really driving me crazy from his licking my **** and tongue ******* me all the while keeping his fingers on my ***** and ***. I turned to look back at Andre and said "Let me feel that black **** of yours inside me, **** me please". Andre slowly guided the head of his **** to press against my *****. His head parted my ***** lips as I started to feel his **** enter me. The moment of penetration was so tight, I had to tell him to slow down. He took some short strokes, pulled out to rub his head on my crack, slapping my ***** and ****, and then entered again. I tried to relax to take his size as Jesus held me tight and comforted me to relax. As I got use to his size, my juices were so overflowing and helped to make things very slippery, and he slid in and out of me with ease. I felt my ***** lips being pulled on his shaft on each stroke as he started to **** me with a good rhythm. I was gasping and moaning loudly, and Jesus again had his **** back in my mouth, and I was sucking him off like a wild woman. Andre's **** was so deep and hitting these amazing places that I quickly had an ******, bucking my *** and pushing back at him as waves of ecstasy swept me. The two of them were trying to hold on to me, as I shook and twitched. Jesus couldn't wait to get inside me and pulled me on top of him to sit on his **** facing him. As I lowered myself unto Jesus, it was even tighter. It felt so full it was amazing. I started to bounce up and down on Jesus as he played with my bouncing ****. Andre, then moved over to stand in from of me and I eagerly too his **** in my mouth tasting some of my ***** juice that was on it. After riding Jesus for a few minutes, my legs were getting tired. I sat and sank fully onto Jesus's shaft feeling it deep inside and leaned in and locked in a deep french kiss with him with my arms around his neck. He then put his arms underneath me behind my knees and with one swift move, stood up and lifted me in mid air. I was like a monkey hanging on a tree while his **** pumped from under me up into my *****, and all I could do was hang on as he drove his **** deep with every stroke and the full weight of me sank my ***** to the hilt over his shaft each time I came down. Andre then came behind and pressed behind me with his hands supporting my *** cheeks. "looks like we are in this familiar sandwich again" laughed Andre. He was caressing my *** while Jesus ****** me, then I felt his slippery hand sliding up and down my *** crack. And I am thinking to myself, is he trying to do what I think he is going to do? I felt him sliding a finger up my ***, while Jesus bounced me on his ****, then I felt Andre now replacing his fingers and hand with his ****, and I felt the warm and slippery head of his ****, now trying to push into my ***. At some point, Andre had lubed up his ****, and the slippery fingers I felt earlier was him trying to lube up my anal love hole. As Andre pushed in, it wasn't going in easy, and I grimaced, lifting myself and hanging on Jesus's shoulders. Jesus held me and whispered to me to relax and I tried. Andre's entry was starting to hurt but I held on. And he got in, it then started to slide in all the way with Jesus now putting me back down on both of their *****. I couldn't believe it. It finally happened. I had anal before, and also had fingers and toys up both holes before, but this is my first two **** double penetration. I was full front and back. I could barely feel anything and just everything below my bellybutton really heavy and stuffed. A bit numb at first. Then Andre and Jesus started taking turns to slide in and out of me, then together. OMG... I was thrashing my head wildly, scream in lust and heat of animalistic sex. I had one O after another, creaming on their *****. Feeling two ***** entering and rubbing inside me together. It drove me wild. All of a sudden, I had this desired to be completely used by them, to be ****** good. Looking to the side, there was this full length closet mirror and it was an amazing sight. My pale white skin in such dark contrast against their dark black and coffee colored bodies. Sandwiched and ******. Moving in a heap of messed up erotic intertwined unity. Somewhere between my screams and moans, Andre let out a big groan and shot his load inside my ***, as I felt his big **** throbbing and pulsating in me, and him breathing and panting hard. As he finished, he held me by my ***, as Jesus let me knew he was going to ***, then with me in a bear hug clinging onto his chest and my legs wrapped around the back of his waist. He thrusted up into me, and with each thrust, shot his load in my *****. We felt onto the bed together as the guys ***** slipped out of me. My hands reaching down to grip their shafts and milked the last drop of *** out of them. We felt asleep to wake up with me in between them again on the bed the next morning. Looking at the irresistible hard men next to me, I woke them up by stroking their chocolate and coffee popsicles taking licks in between. Where the sleepy eyes soon lit up and gave a repeat performance that made it the best new years I ever had. My God, recalling and writing this encounter has got me so hot, that I need to go help myself out a bit.... Enjoy!
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This is damn hot ******* story, thank you sharing.. I am geeting hard on and wanna **** you so badly...

Was that your only *********? Very hot story.