Theres Nothing There

 i went into the doctors today, because they wanted to be one hundred percent sure, that the baby was gone, they told me a few days ago it might not be gone, my boyfriend told me not to get my hopes up again. im so stupid, i couldn't help it, there was a chance my baby might still be alive!

 i should be almost 8 weeks today, and so, if i were pregnant, it should show up on the early ultrasound, but the ultrasound came over as nothing there.

i already knew there wouldn't be, but its devastating to see it, the emptiness and know there was a baby in there. I think its worse when i thought i had the miscarriage, to see the blinding emptyness was so much worse. I feel like im breaking, im tired of it all

fayechild fayechild
18-21, F
May 11, 2010