Givening Up

i am 33 yrs old i had my first  miscarriage at 17 and had  5 more after that i know of. i get so down and just want to give up! all the doctors i have been to cant find the reason i cant carry to full term! i just want to learn how to move on. i have to get over the fact i will never be a mom iam doing better then i used to but deep down it still hurts!
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I believe that you are a mother to those 5 angels. Even though they were not carried to term, connections were laid down and they will be held close to you in your heart. Take good care.

think you for the suggestion! i will try it

I'm sorry for all the losses you have had. <br />
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Just about the time you accept that you cannot have children you more than likely will get pregnant, and carry the baby full term. The Dr.'s told me the same thing, and I have had one son. <br />
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I have a suggestion If I may. While you are going through the process of accepting you cannot have children, learn to meditate, or take yoga, tai chi. Something that will bring and keep your energy in balance. This too will help..<br />
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Take care