Smiles Turned To Tears

Friday I went to the OB excited about my 1st apt and ready to see my baby for the first time. My smiles soon turned to looks of disbelief and later tears. As the doctor began the ultrasound I stared at the screen in anticipation of my first glance. I saw nothing. How can that be? I took two pregnancy tests just to make sure, I explained to the doctor. But the screen remained mostly blank just a round circle on the screen. "Is that my cervix?", I naively asked. ""No" she replied. " I don't understand." She gave me a couple of possible scenarios, but I still can't comprehend the totality of it all. I was supposed to see my baby. Instead I saw a black hole. A vortex which has sucked me in. Now I wait for the pending results of multiple blood tests. Somebody wake me up from this nightmare. PLEASE....
MourningHeart MourningHeart
Jul 17, 2010