I Had A Miscarriage

I am 22 years old, My boyfriend and I had gotten pregnant 8 months ago. When I found out we were pregnant it was the happiest moment in our lives. He could not make our first appointment because of out of town work. I heard the heart beat found out I was already 8 weeks pregnant. It was a thursday when I started cramping and I felt like something was wrong so I went to the E.R. They did not check anything but my ears and throat and sent me home. Monday came around and I started bleeding, I went straight to a different E.R and they checked everything and could not find the baby (I had gas) my next doctors appointment was already scheduled for tuesday. So we went and i thought the best wishing and hoping. Well there was no heart beat, We were so torn. I kept having contractions but I did not know what they really where it was my first time. The doctor told me we were loosing the baby and that I would be in such pain. She did not know I was already going through this bad pain (I can handle pain pretty good) well we went to go get our prescription for the near by cvs and I literally had to pull the baby out of myself it was the hardest thing in my life I had ever had to do. I had went back to my doctor and handed her the bag I had put my baby in. She ran test and nothing was wrong with me nor the father it just happens and happens a lot. It was the worst day in my life. I will never forget my baby that never made it. I pray and hope I will be pregnant soon and actually I might be now so wish me luck and pray for us! I am very sorry to hear all of your stories. I hope and pray none of you guys have to go through this again.
cassijan5328 cassijan5328
22-25, F
Aug 11, 2010