My Poor Lil Babies

Back in the begining of 2007 I felt really sick and was bleeding really bad. I was bleeding so badly that I went to the hospital. I didn't think I was pregnant. It was actually the last thing that was on my mind. But I was and at the same time I find out that I am having a miscarriage. They send me home where I find out I was having twins. Twins...

A couple of months later I got pregnant again... I again didnt find out until I was in the hospital. I wasn't able to keep anything down and thought I had a stomach bug. I was so dehydrated that I my kidneys were shutting down. I had to stay at the hospital for a week. I was about 14 weeks when I found out. We found out we were going to have a boy at 20 weeks. Yay a boy!! At 22 weeks I go into labor. They wanted me to have a c-section. If I went into labor his head would pop off during birth. All I could think was "momma had a baby and his head pops off" the little girls game with clovers. If I had the c-section theres a 1% chance he will live but a very good chance that if he did survive that he would be mentally challenged. I chose not to have a c-section. I was putting my child in Gods hands. And ending up on bedrest where he was delivered at 40 weeks. Perfectly healthy!

I have since then have been pregnant three times and have lost them.
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That is really sad.

im sorry you last a baby but im so happy you others are healthy

so many bad things seem to happen to good people.i am glad you have a healthy son to<br />
light up Your days.

I'm sure you are a good Mom, most people would have given up after suffering so much. I wish you good fortune from now on, you deserve a break!

<3 i'm so sorry <3

sounds vary hard for you.