Please Help Me Through This And Give Me Your Advice

i just recently had a miscarriage at 2months, and the pain is unbelievable. im 18 and i dont know who i can talk to or if i should even tell anyone. i havent gone to the doctor but i have self-diagnosed myself because i seem to have all the symptoms. should i go see a doctor? im scared to go because i am only 18 and i know the looks i'll get will be close to unbearable. also, will it stay in my records?
jekid jekid
1 Response May 16, 2012

Please seek out a doctor, seeking help from a professional is the best. I am not to sure if you mean to see an OB or a psychiatrist. Either way a professional is best to help you or talk with family, friends, people on the internet but if you have any thoughts of self harm or harming someone else or you don't know if you can handle it anymore please immediately see a doctor/hospital. Your miscarriage will stay on your record, for doctors to know that you have had one miscarriage. If you have more than two then you are considered a high risk pregnancy and should be monitored closely.