I Was Pregnant With Twins One Died

So i became pregnant on 19jears old. When i found out i was pregnant with twins i was happy my steph family my boyfriend was exited that night when i ly on my bed i started feeling pain my my nextdoor nabour was a paramedic and came over as quiqly as posible the pain was mutch more sore and i just saw blood all over my bed and clothing at that time i did not know i lost one of the twins(girl) they phoned the ambulance when i got there my water did not brake yet i waited for 4hours than my water broke the doctor female came in told me to keep calm so i was almost dead in labour my other child also almost died but he was born 6o'clock that next morning wile thunder and rain.
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Aww, sorry this happened. I also lost a baby, I was 14 weeks, it broke my heart, I am always wondering what would have been, he would be 13 now. Look to the future, hard as it is sometimes, things happen for a reason I believe, I wasn't ready to be a Mum back then and there was no way I could have given him what he needed. You will have kids when the time is right I'm sure :o)

I do have 1son he was a twin i lost his sisser

Yes, sorry, I missed that the first time I read your story :o)