I was pregnant at 16 , and i still am 16. the worst feeling ever? was losing you. so here's my story. My Name Is Karina, And I lost my baby at 9 weeks pregnant. me an my boyfriend are 1 year and 5 months together and i couldn't be any happier. when i first told him that i was pregnant it was right away , he was so supportive. everyday he would ask me to take pregnancy test to see if it was true. we waited about 1 week after we did it. I was so scared but anxious and nervous all at the same time. i didn't know what to think or what i had gotten myself into . but me and my boyfriend were so happy. we were not the type at all of thinking of abortion. Of course i wanted a baby , when a girl knows and feels she is ready , especially with the person you love , why wait? telling my mom was so hard, her and my dad are divorced so it was like repeating the same thing twice to them . my mom bursted out crying and she couldn't stop. yeah , it made me cry i hate seeing my mom cry . but she was sad and happy at the same time . eventually i was a couple weeks pregnant already and my first ultrasound, i couldn't wait. ! my mom, and my boyfriend were there to see the baby , my ultrasound was on may 5th 2012, and on that same day i started spotting. eventually an hour after my mom called my doctor i had to be taken to the emergency room. and i found out i had a miscarriage :'( . i was so devastated. No one should go through that . i was told there was trouble having a stable heartbeat and they said there wasn't anything they could do . my whole world went crashing down . and after everything , i went through hell for about 3 straight weeks of bleeding and the first 3 days were so painful i couldnt walk, laydown , sit, or anything , i was taken twice to the emergency room for pain . it was so hard. i never knew it would hurt this bad. especially at 16 . Now its been a month since i've miscarried. and still coping. Me and my boyfriend are still together till this day , he's still suportive and we want a baby soon . still arguing at times but i love him . and we would of been great parents to our little one <3 im so glad i found this website and got to share my story. now i know im not alone, especially at a very young age.-Us Girls Will Get Through This Together ..
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I'm so sorry for your loss): I had a misscarriage at 5weeks in march of this year. It's insane how unbearable the pain is and how long it lasts...but also how horrible the emotional pain is): I've done so much to try to cope with the pain of losing my baby, writing poems, letters to it and sharing my story on here<br />
ur right, u r not alone(: can't tell u how long it'll take for the pain to become less, cuz I'm still there myself..but it will get better(:<br />
If u need to talk, I'm here(:

i am sorry for your loss ...