Once Should Be Enough

My husband and I have been married since August 12th 2011. Starting in January 2012 we decided we were ready to try and I went off the pill January 9th. I got my regular period just a littl lighter and less crampy on Febuary 4th and on Febuary 29th I took a pregnancy test and it came back deffinitly pregnant. March 11th I started spotting. By the 13th I was full out bleeding. I called my ob and they had me go to the er. The Physicians Assistant I had was so inconsierant I knew I was misscarrying I just didnt know if I needed a D&C I have red hair so will be watched for hemeroging (sp) and she kept saying "you don't know that". "I'm the doctor here", or even laughing at me saying not to put "words in her mouth" They did all the standard test Ultrasound physical blood test ect. When I went in for my ultrasound they had 2 techs in there they were sisters and about 6-7 months preganant. I figured that that would be the end of me but I went through the stages of greif ( or so i thought) and got a little obcessed with having a baby. at my age there is no reason to NOT be able to have a perfectly heathly baby.
In July we were ready to try again and it was after the 3 month mark. We got pregnant right away and at 8 almost 9 weeks I went to have my ultrasound done. I had already got checked out all my blood work came back normal and I look healthy and pregnant with a normal 10 week baby. My HcG level is dropping by 200 every day and my ultrasoud showed an empty Gestational sack measuring at 5 weeks. I have an egg yolk and empty gestational sack! my cervix is closed and the doctors were trying to talk me into getting a D&C right away. I said no way. My cervix is still closed and my HcG is well over 5 weeks. I am concerned for my health people seem to think Im not. I just cant give up on my little bean yet. I dont know what to do. My husband and I are young we married before I was pregnant but I'm so scared that if we cant have children at our age will we ever be able to have children? Its something we always agreed on that children MUST be in our lives. we have so much love to give and at our age adoption isnt an option. I just need, I dont even know what I need. Probably help I just dont know where to go from here.
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Hi henlar
Sounds like you may be having another mis, is sad , sorry for your loss, but if you choose to have a d& c they may be able to determine if the loss was caused by a genetic factor that you and your husband are not aware of.
In most missed pregnancies they cannot tell you why only that in the early weeks the risk is higher that the baby stops developing ,
I wish you all the best , and that a healthy child graces your life soon